Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- July 21st Edition

I am torn between three quotes the first of which is Obama’s musings on the Trayvon Martin shooting and Zimmerman verdict, but that one is too easy a target. About the only thing Martin and Obama had in common 35 years ago was their pot smoking. If he is suggesting that Zimmerman shot a potential future president, then he certainly is a terrible judge of character. Everything we know about Martin is that he would be a more likely future gang member, possibly in Chicago. Then there is the reaction to Obama’s remarks which the liberal media is fawning over. Remember the tingling in the legs of Chris Matthews? Well, apparently it is happening again en masse with the liberal media talking heads. Just as Matthews proclaimed that the 2008 Obama speech on race should be required reading in America’s classrooms, some media heads are now saying that Obama’s comments on the Zimmerman verdict will be quoted years from now. Yes, if they had it in their way, it will be recorded for all history in an addendum to the Bible in the Gospel of Barack. Of course, Obama is strangely silent regarding the daily genocide of black on black killings in this country not to mention that about 50% of all black pregnancies end up in medical waste piles. If he wants to talk about people feeling a lot of pain these days, instead of inviting the survivors of senseless drive-by shootings of innocent black kids to his national addresses or Inauguration, perhaps daily visits to his native Chicago would be a better vehicle to address gun violence and race in America today. Instead, he chooses what should have remained a local issue of self-defense as the backdrop to address these issues. The shooting of Trayvon Martin was not useless; the liberal response, including Obama’s, is useless. As Alan Dershowitz, no conservative, mentioned on “Huckabee” a week ago, we will most likely not even be talking about this issue a year from now. Incidentally, he believes no charges should have even been brought against Zimmerman. So it is doubtful that Obama’s words will even be remembered six months from now.

But this racial conversation is now spilling into the greater sphere of dialogue going beyond Sanford, Florida. This quote, the quote of the day, comes from Joy Reid, a columnist with the Miami Herald, NBC news contributor, and Afrocentric blog author. On NBC news, she was invited by Brian Williams as the guest to “analyze” Obama’s comments regarding the verdict. Williams left out the fact that she served as a press aide to the 2008 Obama Florida campaign.
After praising the comments as “extraordinary,” she then broadened the discussion to push her and Obama’s political agenda of victimization:

“Everything about the Obama presidency, race has been a subtext to all of it. From the Tea Party which saw differently the Obama bailout of the auto industry from George W. Bush’s and suddenly became a movement, to him being called a liar in the well of the Congress to him him having to show his birth certificate, there has been a subtext around this president that’s made it difficult for him to address race issues. When he has even tiptoed towards them, as in the case when Henry Louis Gates was arrested for trying to get into his own home, the blowback has been intense…”

In a way, one cannot fault Reid for these misrepresentations of recent history. That is simply how the liberal mind works- sort of like a built-in mental deficiency. The Tea Party was not born of opposition to the auto bail out. That bail out was simply an extension of the larger culture of bail outs sweeping Washington at the time. The Tea Party got its start in opposition to TARP- a Bush program, by the way- not the auto bail out specifically. Their fear, confirmed by Obama, was where does it end? That confirmation of fears came with the Obama stimulus and later Obamacare. The jury is still out on the auto bail out while the Stimulus has generally been panned, unless you accept the Orwellian definition of “success” put forward by the Obama apologists. And Obamacare was and remains largely unpopular not just among Tea Party types, but among Americans in general, if we are to believe public opinion polling results. When Democrats refer to it as “a train wreck waiting to happen,” the Tea Party and other conservatives do not have to say too much.

Being called a “liar” by a congressman during a speech to Congress hardly qualifies as a racist statement. Leaving aside the the fact that it MAY have been said at the wrong time in the wrong place thus violating some rules of congressional decorum, Obama’s comments were no less a lie. But, America is expected to sit on their collective hands and accept the word from on high spoken through the lips of Obama and only use those hands to applaud. The birth certificate thing is old news and hardly worthy of comment. Perhaps some element of conservatives concentrated on this distraction- people like Donald Trump- but those people are not really representative of your average Tea Party type who are opposed to the corporate welfare state being created by Obama born on the backs of all taxpayers. The “birthers” are in the minority despite Liberals trying to portray them as the conservative norm.

Obama, like Holder and the rest of his cronies in his administration and a compliant media, are your average run-of-the-mill liberals who see race in everything, who feel compelled to make comments when they are not needed, and feel some unconscious need and desire to inject themselves and race into everything as an excuse for opposition. Whether the issue is educational reform, immigration reform, a Supreme Court decision not to their liking, on down to a local issue like a self-defense killing or a college professor being arrested for carrying a huge racial chip on his shoulder, Obama and his cronies are there whipping out the race card. How many times does America have to put another hole punch in that card?

Here is a little secret for liberals: the Civil War is over, Reconstruction is a thing of the past. There are no longer Black Codes and despite your best efforts to find the evidence, the days of Jim Crow are a thing of the past. The civil rights community won the battle of the 1960s- there was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, forced busing that did nothing except piss off parents of both races, affirmative action that gave a nod to unqualified people over the more qualified in the interest of racial equality, not to mention trillions of dollars spent on welfare, poverty and education programs targeted primarily at the black community. Apparently, all of this is not enough. The new norm is to elevate a 17-year-old pothead to sainthood status. If Trayvon Martin was Thomas Martin, a white boy with Skittles and a hoodie, would George Zimmerman even be charged with anything? Would Obama be saying, “I could have been Thomas Martin 35 years ago.” After all, he is half-white. And my apologies for using that verboten word, “boy,” in the context of race relations. Apparently, even that is wrong these days.

The civil rights rabble-rousers from the supremely ridiculous like Al Sharpton and Rhymin’ Jesse Jackson to the obscure Miami Herald columnist like Joy Reid simply are a self-perpetuating entity that would not survive in the world or have a voice but for injecting a racial motive into everything. In that respect, it is they who represent the brave new world of racism in America. And it is not a president’s role to inject themselves into every local issue, yet remain silent on examples of black-on-black crime which occurs daily. Some can explain it away as “gang violence,” but that makes the victim and the perpetrator no less black.

Yes, there is still outlying racism and racists in America, but race need not be injected into everything by the Left. And insinuations that the Tea Party or any other group that should happen to disagree with Obama is racially motivated does this country a great disservice. The last time I checked, disagreement with the government and voicing those disagreements is a legitimate action in a democracy. And so are jury trials. The jury in Florida has spoken and they got it right. That is what so upsets the civil rights community- proof that they were wrong all along.

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