Stupid Liberal Quote(s) of the Day

It is not actually a rare day when we can get more than one stupid quote from a liberal, but in the interest of brevity, this writer usually limits it to one quote. But yesterday, because of the Supreme’s Court decision that invalidated one part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, we were treated to several stupid quotes. Most of them are of the “sky is falling” nature and apparently the, to liberals, Shelby County in Alabama did not win this case; the Ku Klux Klan did. For example, we have this ditty from Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center regarding “racism” in the South:

“Just one statistic to prove the point: …in the last election, 40% of white voters in the country opted for an African-American president, in Alabama that figure was 15%. I think that tells you something’s very, very different in my home state and in other states in the Deep South…”

Indeed, it does tell us something. In 2008, only 10% of white voters in Alabama voted for Obama and 88% voted for McCain in that election. In 2012, 15% of Alabama white voters went for Obama over Romney which, to me, looks like an improvement for a black president in Alabama. But more telling is the 2004 election results in Alabama where Bush opposed Kerry and both were decidedly white. Then, only 19% of white Alabama voters opted for Kerry. What Cohen misses is the fact that white voters do not “vote against the black guy;” they vote against the Democrat or more liberal candidate. Considering that in a 2012 Gallup poll among the 50 states asking their political ideology, Alabama rated themselves as being the most conservative as a percentage of the population. One wonders what “statistic” Cohen would trot out if Obama had run against a black Republican.

Andrew Cohen (no relation to Richard) is an NBC analyst and writer for the liberal “Atlantic” magazine. His “reasoned” analysis said this:

“It will be viewed by future scholars on a par with the Court’s odious Dred Scott and Plessy decisions…”

This kind of proves the point of the Supreme Court’s majority. Cohen reaches back into the 19th century to dredge up two previous Court decisions as if we are still in some post-Reconstruction or pre-Civil War mindset in the South. The Dred Scott decision basically decided that slaves were property and Plessy established the “separate but equal” doctrine that was essentially overruled by the Brown v. Board of Education decision. According to this Cohen, southern restaurants, hotels, and water fountains are gearing up for “Black only” and “white only” status again.

Michael Eric Dyson, an MSNBC “journalist” had this to say about the decision on the “Martin Bashir Show.” A bit of background: Clarence Thomas, the only black on the Supreme Court, in his concurrence in the Shelby County decision, said he would invalidate Section 5 of the Act also. This is Dyson’s quote:

“Clarence Thomas’ actions here today, although consistent, although tragic to me, are even more so in light of the bulk of decisions he’s rendered in the name of a judicial vote on the Supreme Court. A symbolic Jew has invited a metaphoric Hitler to commit a holocaust and genocide upon his own people.”

Wow! The best one can say about that comment is that at least he did not refer to Thomas as an “Uncle Tom” or “oreo.”
Oh wait…some two-bit Minnesota liberal politician did just that. Trotting out the Hitler card and equating a Supreme Court decision with the Holocaust or genocide is a new low, even for a liberal.

And changing subjects somewhat, our dear liberal wingnut, Chris Matthews, had this to say about Obama’s speech on global warming and his unspoken, unsaid war on coal:

“And why did Obama try to move the ball on global warming and climate change today? Well, because cities like Miami are about to turn into Atlantis if we don’t do something about this.”

The climate change alarmists are quick to point out that us skeptics are anti-science. No…we are anti- YOUR science. This begs the question as to why they are ignorant of the fact that we are in some apparent 16-year dead zone as far as global temperatures go. The scientific evidence indicates that the global temperature is neither going up, nor down and is some holding pattern. This is being seen despite no cap-and-trade, despite coal plants still operating and despite the vast dirty industrialization in countries like China and India.

The hyperbole from the mouth of Matthews, of course, knows no bounds. The fine people of Miami should be packing their bags and loading up the moving trucks and heading for Kansas in order to avoid the epic flooding of Biblical proportions that “are about to” happen if Obama does not get his way. One has to thank the good Lord that the global warming alarmists have Chris Matthews as one of their talking heads because he exemplifies the utter stupidity of that group. But, this writer is quite sure that any day now, as the East coast swelters under a heat wave, this will be trotted out as further evidence of global warming. You know the stories: they usually begin with the camera focused on the sun then drops away to frolicking black kids in some public fountain in some urban area and usually ends with a red ball sun setting over the horizon. Of course, in my 50 years of life here on the East coast, I seem to remember some 200 plus heat waves regardless of global warming alarmist rhetoric. But rest assured residents of Miami- Chris Matthews and Barack Obama have your back. They are out there fighting for your very existence even if it drives up the utility bills of every American in economic hard times, costs jobs nationwide, and unleashes the closest thing we have to a Gestapo in the United States- the Environmental Protection Agency.

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