Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- May 28th Edition

One didn’t have to look long and hard for yet another actual series of stupid quotes, although one had to go overseas for these doosies from Russell Brand. For those unaware, Brand passes himself off as an actor/comedian, although both descriptions are questionable. In fact, unlike other liberal actors like Matt Damon or Alec Baldwin who can actually act, Brand is a one trick pony with that trick being the strung out on drugs alcoholic rock star. In reality, his heroin addiction and alcohol abuse are a matter of public record. His rock star status? Not so much. Given his recent comments, he now also apparently fancies himself a psychiatrist having received his degree from the University of the Absurd which has turned out many a liberal.

Brand is no stranger to controversy. While hosting the MTV Music Video Awards in 2008- an oxymoron if one ever existed given MTV’s recent programming- he urged the audience to vote for Obama and called Bush a “retarded cowboy fella” who “wouldn’t be allowed to play with scissors in Britain.” Geez- even fellow Obama cheerleader Katy Perry had the commonsense to divorce herself-literally- from Brand.

In response to the brutal hacking/beheading murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolrich, England, Brand had this to say:

“That bloke was a nut. A nut who happens to be Muslim. Blaming Muslims like this is like blaming Hitler’s moustache for the Holocaust.”

Yes, and a Muslim shooting soldiers at Fort Hood is a case of workplace rage. Brand’s quote requires a quantum leap in logic, even for a liberal. To somehow equate violent Muslim behavior with Hitler and the Holocaust is pure stupdity. In this case, we know why the attacker attacked. He gave his reason on video while waving bloody hands. While he was certainly Muslim, he was not a nut per se as Brand suggests unless we accept the notion that some form of Muslim thought is a mental disease. If we accept that view, then we are a short ways from excusing that behavior.

But Brand wasn’t finished. Playing the role of pundit with all the political knowledge and sophistication of your average cod, he said:

“…All over our country, all over our planet, there are huge numbers of people who feel alienated and sometimes victimized by the privileged and powerful, whether that’s rich people, powerful corporations, or occupying nations.”

So if a person feels “alienated” or “victimized” this becomes an excuse to behead a British soldier in plain daylight. First, Brand should be careful because he is, unfortunately, one of the rich people. Ironically, if alienated or victimized, there are countries that openly accept these people from around the world, England being one of them. The next time you see someone throwing a brick through a Starbucks in Seattle, just remember and be mindful of the fact that they may just be alienated or a victim of something. Brand somehow introduces classic Marxism into the conversation. He leaves out one very important fact: Muslims have no tolerance for Marxism or Marxist thought either.

But the best part of Brand’s statement is his solution to problem of Muslim jihad:

“…The murderers want angry patriots to desecrate mosques and perpetuate violence. How futile their actions seem if we instead leave flowers at each other’s places of worship.”

This is all some Muslim master plan to commit these heinous acts in order to get non-Muslims to retaliate in kind so that they (Muslims) have justification for their actions. Huh? And all this can be overcome if we just send some flowers to a mosque, or if a Muslim sends some flowers to a synagogue or church. The problem is, which Brand does not understand, is that the flowers sent to the chuch or synagogue may possibly have a bomb placed in them.

One would like to think what Russell Brand would think if it was he walking through the streets of Woolrich one fine day in May. But then again, he might not have a head to think or hands to pen silly, stupid editorials. One can dream though… Allah Akbar, bloke.

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