Stupid Liberal Quote- May 27th Edition

I am so tempted to use Ken Stern’s comment on the Daily Beast regarding the IRS scandal where he actually defends their actions. According to Stern, the IRS is over-worked and underpaid and they had to resort to ideological profiling because their investigative resources were either so depleted due to Republican-backed budget cuts at the IRS, or (as he suggests) they simply stopped investigating tax exempt status. This leads to the conclusion that they resorted to clumsy profiling of groups which was only natural. So the next time a New Jersey State trooper stops an Hispanic with Florida license plates on the New Jersey Turnpike and searches their car for drugs, the New Jersey State Police can claim that budget cuts forced them to resort to profiling.

Nope- instead I turn to my favorite liberal nut case, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Apparently in response to the special Senate election in Massachusetts, Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez was asked a question about the Blunt Amendment somewhere along the line. Gomez basically answered that he had not really read the Blunt Amendment. There is a very good valid reason he did not read it- it was defeated in the Senate by a vote of 51-48 on April 30, 2012. That is, the amendment to a transportation bill came for a floor vote more than ONE YEAR AGO! Wasserman “Moonbat” Schultz posted an Ed Markey video on her Facebook page which purports to educate Gabriel Gomez about the Blunt Amendment.

As a reminder, the Blunt Amendment was attempted by Missouri Senator Roy Blunt in response to the Obama administration’s efforts to have religious-affiliated organizations provide contraceptive care in their health care packages. We all remember Sandra Fluke and this was the senatorial response to religious objections to the mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services. Apparently it was one of those “gotcha” questions posited to Gomez that elicited the response that he had not read the Blunt Amendment and for good reason.

The video is classic liberalism and , one supposes, a take off of that famous Bob Dylan video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues” where he holds up cue cards. In the commercial, women of various ages, some looking like they are still in middle school, hold up signs about what one year’s worth of contraception means to them. Some are simply dollar amounts. But others state that one year’s worth of contraceptive coverage by their employer health plans means (1) ten full tank fills in their car, (2) one month’s rent, (3) one car payment, (4) six electric bill payments, (5) two month’s commuter rail passes, (6) six months of groceries, and my favorite (7) gym membership for a year.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz had this quote on her Facebook page:

“Gabriel Gomez is yet another Republican trying to make health care decisions for women. When will they learn?”

The “War on Women” continues on in Massachusetts over a defeated effort by Roy Blunt OVER A YEAR AGO! Because she is a woman (Wasserman Schultz, that is) which is arguably debatable, this gives her carte blanch to declare what all women want. According to the liberal mindset, all women want free contraception in their health care packages from their employers so that they can pay their rent for a month, ride public transportation, or enjoy their gym membership.

She then makes the herculean jump in logic regarding Gabriel Gomez. How saying one did not read a defeated amendment to a transportation bill somehow equates with a desire by anyone to make health care decisions for women is, quite frankly, preposterous if not retarded. It is akin to saying “No comment” to a question, or in Eric Holder’s case “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember.” Are Democrats that worried about the special election in the Bay State that the ChairThing of the DNC has to weigh in with her Facebook posting fanning the flames of some perceived war on women? Conservatives should be friending her on Facebook and egging her on to make more comments on the race. Then, perhaps, the polls will tighten and Gomez will not be behind by double digits as the actual election approaches. Remember that Ed Markey is the man that ran a commercial more or less positioning Gomez, a former Navy Seal, alongside Osama bin Laden. He is also a Gore lemming who wholeheartedly believes in global warming that he proposed legislation that would have returned the United States to the colonial era.

In fact, I think conservatives should allow liberal females free contraception. It would pay dividends down the road through the decreased birth rate of future liberals.

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