Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- May 26th Edition

Saturday is usually a slow news day. It is like the lull before the storm of Sunday talk show fodder. This writer had to search long and hard to find a really stupid liberal quote. In fact, I did not find a quote, but a slogan. It would appear that the Los Angeles Times, a newspaper facing the same financial demise as its sister in New York, is up for sale. Rumor has it that the evil Koch brothers are perhaps one of the bidders for the newspaper. To liberals, the Koch brothers owning a newspaper is worse than Rupert Murdoch owning a television network.

So, protesters in the rather tony hamlet of Beverly Hills rose up in protest. You remember Beverly Hills- swimming pools, movie stars. Yes, all of maybe 100 protesters tried to march on the home of the current CEO of the Tribune Company, the owner of the LA Times, who happens to live in Beverly Hills. Not being able to come up with any catchy protest chants, some resorted to the infinitely absurd:

“One, two, three, fo’….send the Kochs to Guantanamo!”

OK- so the word “four” does not rhyme with Guantanamo, so they had to change it to the more urban “fo.” Being that Beverly Hills is not particularly known for its ethnic diversity, one can imagine the silliness of white people chanting in ebonics. But, the liberals do not stop there. To them, Guantanamo is a horrid place that this country should be ashamed of because we sent the lowest of the low terrorists there. On one congressional fact finding trip, the fine residents of that compound threw feces at their visitors. Guantanamo is in the news recently because some of the terrorists are on a hunger strike and are being force fed through tubes to keep them alive. No doubt this violates some teaching of Mohammed and verse in the Koran which they are permitted to read every day and are provided with by the military. It should also be mentioned that they were provided with a $250,000 soccer field ostensibly to practice kicking IEDs around the desert of their homelands.

Speaking of their homelands, they are in Cuba because they are not wanted in their home countries which should tell us all something. Getting back to that hunger strike thing, I fully agree with the AMA that force feeding them is cruel and dangerous and the government should just stop. This would have the added benefit of a more timely resolution to their being in Guantanamo- namely, their suicide (death) from starvation. The government may worry that they are creating martyrs in the process but in reality they are already martyrs to the cause of jihad. More importantly, they have a great view of the ocean that most people, including those in Beverly Hills, would die for.

But getting back to the “protest,” this illustrates the stupidity of liberals when they are whipped into a mini-frenzy. Although they view Guantanamo as a source of public American shame, they would like to see someone with a different political view sent there. These people are just like the Germans in the 1930s being whipped into a frenzy about a perceived, false threat and scapegoat. For liberals, the Koch brothers are the closest thing they have to a German Jew circa 1934. They are behind everything they perceive wrong with this country- namely, opposing Barack Obama and his liberal, redistributionist philosophy and agenda.

I find it funny that liberals find the Koch brothers to be such a powerful opponent, but I guess that with the passing of Andrew Breitbart they need a good whipping boy(s) and scapegoat. If it isn’t accusations of Fox News being a wing of the GOP (as if MSNBC is not unofficial cheerleader of all things Obama and liberal), then its Rush Limbaugh or the Koch brothers. Incidentally, most news accounts put the collective IQ of the 100 protesters (and that’s stretching it) at about 700; they never did find the correct home. Face it- unless you can get a good chant down and you live in LA, leave the protesting to others who have the commonsense to burn the communities they live in. Otherwise, go back and hide in your over-priced houses and drink your Chardonnay. Or move to San Francisco. Protests in Beverly Hills. What’s next? Government agencies harassing you for your political views?

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