Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- May 24th Edition

Friday is traditionally the slowest news day. With Congress on vacation for Memorial Day, we unfortunately cannot peruse the Congressional record for stupid quotes from that body of esteemed liberal thinkers- people like Sherrod Brown, Sheldon Whitehouse, Nancy “the robot” Pelosi, and so many others. Of course, being on vacation next week, they will likely be at home to face some tough questions from their constituents regarding the trio of scandals affecting the Obama administration- including Holder’s possible perjury- which may make for some good quotes next week. Someone- anyone- on MSNBC is always good for a stupid quote also.

Instead, this writer turned to Twitter for a quote which was reported on Breitbart.com. It totally exemplifies the liberal propensity best expressed by Rahm “fish in the mail” Emmanuel to never waste a crisis or emergency. Another liberal with his roots in Chicago did not let me down. In response to the I-5 bridge collapse in Washington state, David Axelrod had this to say:

“Collapse of bridge in WA underscores urgent need for infrastructure investments. Will latest falling structure prod Rs in Congress to act?”

So there you have it: Republican lawmakers in Congress are now responsible for the tornadoes in Oklahoma, hurricanes in Alabama, wildfires in Texas and now collapsing bridges in Washington. If only those silly Republicans would get off their butts and see the light of day, pass Obama’s jobs act that would target failing infrastructure like the the bridge in Washington, then there wouldn’t be cars falling into Puget Sound. Thankfully, this time there were no deaths from the tragedy so the Republican Party cannot be accused of de facto homicide. But still, it is obvious to people like Axelrod that the only thing that almost assures a future tragedy possibly resulting in loss of life is for Republicans to pass some type of spending bill that will fix our failing bridges and roads. NBC news picked up on the theme on Friday night with their lead story about the number of structurally inferior bridges that need replacement or repair. In other words, the next time you go over a bridge in the United States, you do so at your own risk. The only way to reduce that risk is to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money repairing those bridges and write to your Republican representative to do so. And “latest collapse?” Did we miss something in the news about a spate of bridge collapses in the country?

Except we have been down this road and over that bridge before (pardon the bad pun). It was called the Obama stimulus which was supposed to target high need, “shovel ready” projects. That never really materialized and only gave way to the liberal twisting of economics into the mantra that “a job saved is a job created.” Throughout my home state, I have seen the red, white, and blue signs proclaiming that the stimulus was funding a certain road project. Often, this involved the installation of sidewalks on the side of roads where no one should be walking anyway. As we discovered in 2009, there really is no such thing as a “shovel ready project.” Well, actually and in reality there are certain projects that cry out for funding and repair, so it is true in that respect, but “shovel ready” as in ready to go today? Not so much.

The reason is the myriad of regulations involved. For example, in my particular neck of the woods, a bridge into a resort city along the Jersey coast needed to be replaced. Everyone conceded that fact- liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, etc. It took six years of engineering studies. Then there were the environmental impact statements and studies that required more studies. Living in New Jersey, there was then the bidding process that mandated union labor which drove up the costs. The government was funding the project and paying someone $21 an hour to hold a sign that said “SLOW DOWN” to passing motorists. I know; that person was my brother and that was 22 years ago so one can imagine the salary today.

So Axelrod and his liberal cronies should be painfully aware that conservatives and Republicans may be just a tad worried and concerned when the phrase “shovel ready” is trotted out. The I-5 bridge may very well be one of those projects that should have been fast-tracked. My guess is that a spotted owl nest was sighted somewhere nearby which delayed any action. But railing against the environmentalists is left for another day. Instead, David Axelrod needs to slither back to Chicago and cancel his Twitter account.

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