Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- May 23rd Edition

In today’s installment of stupid liberal quote of the day, one is attempted to give that award to automaton that parades around the halls of Congress as the House Minority Leader- one Nancy Pelosi. In response to questions about the IRS scandal she defended Obama with the statement that, “…Obama doesn’t know about everything happening in the government.” Once again, the stupidity defense is trotted out. At some point liberals have to ask themselves, “Is portraying the president as stupid, aloof or ignorant really a good strategy?” But at least Nancy Pelosi made a statement- albeit stupid- unlike Al Franken and Chuck Schumer- two bloviators who are suddenly silent on this issue.

Instead, we have co-winners for the stupid liberal quote of the day. The first comes from one of my favorite Hollywood liberal types, Alec Baldwin. Nothing against the man as an actor/comedian. His character on “30 Rock” is great and his many appearances on “Saturday Night Live” are classics. But, Baldwin exemplifies the belief that Hollywood actors should stick to acting and stay out of politics. In response to the IRS scandal, he had this to tweet: “This whole IRS thing has a whiff of Breitbart to it…” Notice how he refers to it as “this whole IRS thing.” Would it be a “IRS thing” if Alec Baldwin was targeted for special IRS scrutiny if the Bush administration did so because they did not like his views regarding gay marriage or the Iraq War? Secondly, this is typical of the liberal denigration of any detractor of the Obama regime and tactics. Third, instead of having a “whiff of Breitbart to it,” if such is true, then Baldwin and his liberal buddies in Hollywood and New York should be thanking Breitbart.

Our other co-winner is newly installed Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. Addressing Energy Department employees, he had this to say about climate change:

“Let me make it clear that there is no ambiguity in terms of the scientific basis calling for a prudent response on climate change. I am not interested in debating what is not debatable.”

There you have it- proof that if you plop a used mop on top of your head to pass for hair and have an air of academia about you, then you are an expert in your field. As an expert, debate is closed because you declare it so. No doubt that Moniz is a fine physicist since he headed the Physics Department at one of the preeminent science universities in the country- MIT. Of course, his statement tends to dismiss a large cadre of scientists who happen to disagree with manmade causes of “climate change,” if such even exists (the scientific evidence tends to indicate that the global temperature has not increased in 16 years). Incidentally, as Europe suffers from high natural gas prices, Moniz, in one of his first acts as Energy Secretary, put on hold any sale of LNG to foreign countries. Ignore the fact that this would help our allies in Europe and lessen their reliance on Russian natural gas while creating jobs here in the United States and potentially decreasing our trade deficit. Obama recently said he would like to increase LNG exports. Words! What the mouth says, another arm of the government takes away. The problem is that this “arm of government” is directly under the control of the president. But all doesn’t matter because the Energy Secretary has declared it so. Long live the bureaucratic state!

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