25 Really Annoying Liberals

Leaving aside the obvious, Barack Obama, this list is comprised of folks from various walks of life- politics, the media, academia, entertainment, etc. We can quibble about their places on this list and there is likely some people I have neglected to mention, so feel free to add suggestions. So without further ado:

#25. KERRY WASHINGTON- Who, you may ask, is Kerry Washington? She is actually a rather accomplished actress. She makes the list mainly because of her doom and gloom message delivered on Hollywood Night at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 with her “The Republicans are Coming to Eat Your Babies” message which seemed to presage Obama’s general strategy to “unite” the nation through fear.

#24. MAXINE WATERS- Speaking of epitomes, Maxine Waters represents the epitome of divisive racial politics in the United States then has the nerve to turn it around and blame it on all things Caucasian. Besides being a hypocrite of the highest order, she is also ethically challenged. Waters is most famously known for telling the Tea Party to go to hell. One could tell her to go there, but being the representative for South Central LA, I guess she is already there.

#23. BARBARA LEE- When former Florida Representative Allen West accused some members of being Communist, he may have had Lee is mind since she certainly matches the profile. She has enough communist and socialist skeletons in her past to fill a graveyard. What gets her on this list, however, is her recent endorsement of a bill to create a new cabinet-level department- The Department of Peacebuilding. I have a better name for the department: the Department of American Wussification.

#22. OLIVER STONE- OK, this guy’s eyes freak me out and scare me more than those of Steven King. The fact is that he really hasn’t produced anything of interest since “Platoon” and that was quite some time ago. His recent series on Showtime on American history was very good until the end when his diatribe about corporatism, human rights violations, etc. has one yearning for censorship.

#21. ARIANNA HUFFINGTON- I include her not because of anything she has said or done recently. Actually, her biggest achievement of late is foisting the Huffington Post on AOL which was a good business deal. No, instead I include her on this list of annoying liberals for only one reason- that truly obnoxious voice.

#20. KRYSTAL BALL- This is another one where you may very well ask, “Who on earth is Krystal Ball?” In 2010, ran against Virginia Tenth District congressman Rob Wittman and lost badly. That was a foregone conclusion when photos appeared of Ball at a party wearing a dildo on her head. Today, she is one of the members of MSNBC’s answer to Fox’s “The Five,” a show called “The Cycle.” After watching this show and its other cast members and Ball’s “in-depth” political analysis (sarcasm intended), one soon realizes that the most interesting thing about Ball is that aforementioned photograph.

#19. AL FRANKEN- Franken could be used as the poster boy for the reason we need strict election laws. Franken reminds me of that kid in grade school who would roll back his eyelids, pick his nose and fart for gross out laughs. That may be all well and good when you are writing satire and parodies on late night television, but not so much when you are a US Senator. When Air America was launched, the vehicle that catapulted him into politics which is sort of like Geraldo Rivera running for the Senate in New Jersey, he claimed that the venture would send George W. Bush down in flames. The only thing that went down in flames was Air America.

#18. JOY BEHAR- According to her bio, she got her start on the comedy circuit, although it must have been obscure hotels in the Catskills circa 1958. The problem with her is she thinks she is topical, but it is contrived. Its like she looks at her watch and realizes she hasn’t made a quirky statement in 48 hours. First, Behar is not particularly funny. Second, she is not particularly smart. Third, she is just plain obnoxious, rude and insulting. Fourth, she generally drools when she talks about Obama and it is not a particularly enjoyable sight. It is the same look when she sees a platter of eclairs or canolis. This is a woman who called Sharron Angle a bitch, equated the Bush Administration with the Nazi regime, and thinks the phrase Black Friday “is a bit racist.”

#17. Mary Landrieu- The Louisiana Senator is up for reelection next year and if the GOP had any brains, they would be recording her recent comments on the Senate floor noting how Washington does not have a spending problem. Apparently, Landrieu has gone to the Nancy Pelosi school of basic mathematics. Also lest we forget, Mary Landrieu is responsible for the second Louisiana Purchase during the health care debate.

#16. CHRIS MATTHEWS- I would have rated him higher, but he is really old news now. Besides, he is way too busy fighting tingling leg syndrome and everyone knows he is an Obamatron having lost all pretense of objectivity some time ago. How many epic meltdowns can one man have on television? How many more meltdowns must we endure before people either turn the channel or just laugh? During the 2012 Republican primary season, most Roman Catholics were surprised to find themselves designated a “cult” by religions expert Chris Matthews. One would have thought his hero, JFK, took care of those concerns more than 50 years ago. Oh, and fundamentalist Islamic people simply have “a different perspective.” More liberal cultural relativism from the 1960s. Yawn….

#15. PIERS MORGAN- I think it is his smarmy British accent that lands him here. Morgan took over from the semi-fossilized Larry King to tepid reviews. Truth be told, they haven’t gotten much better. However, I suppose we should all let out a sigh of relief since Joy Behar could have been that replacement. The fact is that his journalistic experience in Britain was defined by celebrity privacy invasion and the only time he ventured into real hard news as an editor, he was hoaxed and scammed which cost him his job. I still don’t quite understand how a hack from “America Has Talent” morphed into a gun control crusader. Piers Morgan knows about as much about guns in America as I do about the British infatuation with mousy looking monarchs and generally bad teeth.

#14. WARREN BUFFETT- Personally, I am getting tired hearing about his secretary. If things are so damn unfair, give the woman a raise. Better yet, take a salary and have it taxed but don’t take advantage of any loophole or deduction. One should always be wary when business leaders climb in bed with presidents because there are usually ulterior motives involved. The same goes for Jeffrey Immelt over at GE. We may need health care reform just to surgically extract Buffett’s nose from Obama’s butt.

#13. NANCY PELOSI- I stand by my original belief that she is really a robot manufactured in a secret government laboratory somewhere near La Jolla, California. As chairwoman of the DC Has No Spending Problem Caucus, she illustrates what is wrong with the American educational system and why we are falling behind in math. And science since she believes natural gas is a good alternative to fossil fuels. And how the country can lose 500 million jobs when the total population is 320 million is extraordinary. But then to Pelosi, the greatest government job creation stimulus is an unemployment check. Seriously- I didn’t make this up.

#12. DARRYL HANNAH- This actress hasn’t made anything of significance since “Splash” although her work in “Little Nicky” was deserving of an Oscar. This has-been actress has transformed into a full-blown tree-hugging environmentalist. She even was arrested outside the White House protesting the Keystone Pipeline or global warming or something like that. I like when these Hollywood B-list people start talking because it clearly shows their utter stupidity. Next stop: “Dancing With the Stars.”

#11. MICHAEL BLOOMBERG- Be warned! NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is out to make sure you eat the right foods and don’t drink too much of any beverage that happens to have taste. There is a rumor that his next cause will be plastic bottles and bags. Then there is his crusade against guns while being surrounded by armed security. Maybe when he is done banning plastic in the Big Apple, elective circumcision may be next.

#10. JAY CARNEY- How this guy can keep a straight face during a press briefing is beyond my ability to understand. Granted, you have to give the guy props for being Biden’s communications director prior to taking over from equally smug Robert Gibbs. That must have been a Herculean task. Being smug, arrogant, revisionist, and generally obnoxious must be a prerequisite for this job under Obama.

#9. MARTIN BASHIR- If anyone watches MSNBC during the day, you may be one of the approximate 200 people who know who Martin Bashir is. He is another one of those British transplants who thinks they are an expert on all things American. Memo to Bashir: We fought a war against Britain NOT to be like you! Equally disturbing (and this is true of most liberals), they surround themselves with guests on their shows who only serve to validate the host’s views. For a mindset that is allegedly “tolerant,” they sure do not practice tolerance.

#8. BILL MAHER- Unlike Behar, Maher does come from a comedic background although if one looks at any of his old acts, he really wasn’t that funny either. Because his show is on cable, he can use more salty language like slang words for female private parts to describe female conservatives. Like an academic elitist, Maher is the supposed comedic elitist when it comes to his act. The fact is he is one small step above shock jock Howard Stern and while Maxine Waters sees a racial bogey man, Maher sees a religious bogey man behind anything conservative.

#7- KRYSTEN SINEMA- Remember Christine O’Donnell and the great witch controversy? Krysten Sinema, who has some connections to socialists and communists, participated in some weird Wicca pagan peace dance. But, that goes unreported by the MSM. The Washington Post recently wrote a glowing article about the Arizona representative about her coming out. Sinema is Chairwoman (man?) of the Congressional Bisexual Caucus which includes only Krysten Sinema. When asked about gun control recently, she said she would opt for child safety over the Second Amendment any day. The problem is the location of that child. If it happens to be in the womb, then all bets are off. She is also prone to profanity-laced editorials in the past, so keep an eye on this up-and-coming liberal.

#6. ED SCHULTZ- With Keith Olbermann gone, we can now look forward to the possibility of Ed Schultz’s head spontaneously combusting on live television. Schultz reminds me of my deceased alcoholic uncle except my uncle made more sense in his drunken screeds. While Sandra Fluke was demanding free contraception, Schultz called conservative columnist Laura Ingraham a “slut.” His fake sense of anger and frustration will ultimately lead to an ulcer or stroke which brings us back to television history. I watch just to see when the head will explode.

#5. RACHEL MADDOW- Not since Ricky Schroeder or Gary Coleman has prime time television had such a cute little boy. Thankfully, Maddow fills that role. Liberals like her because she is supposedly the most intelligent of the liberal talking heads on television. But, if you watch her, she selectively cites statistics and studies and such. Like any other liberal, there is little tolerance for an opposing view. And she is more than a tad hypocritical at times. She rates this high because she is the most watched of the liberals.

#4. AL GORE- Al Gore may be the only American who actually gets off on a natural weather disaster like a hurricane. The sale of his Current TV to Al-Jazeera was a stroke of business genius. The fact that he foisted this enterprise on them, leaving aside the hypocrisy involved, leaves the Kuwaiti-backed station saddled with Gore’s unwatched media enterprise. Gore is like the ex-jock Big Man on Campus who is now fat and slovenly that no one listens to any more. He has played the role of environmental Chicken Little for too long that people have simply stopped listening or paying attention. Gore needs to gracefully fade away and leave the rest of us alone. As long as there is a rain storm or hurricane somewhere, I doubt that will happen any time soon.

#3. PAUL KRUGMAN- Obviously, he writes better than he speaks. Every time I have seen him on television, he sounds like a blubbering fool. He is proof that a Nobel Prize really means little these days (Al Gore and Obama have won for crying out loud). The reason he likes Obama so much is what they have in common- they have never worked in the real world. Krugman has been insulated in the world of academic elitism his entire adult life. Writing a weekly column for the New York Times does not qualify as a “job,” nor does community organzing in Obama’s case. To illustrate why he rates so high, just Google the phrase “Paul Krugman is an idiot” and see how many articles with that title appear.

#2. KEITH ELLISON- His recent appearance on “Hannity” was classic and no doubt had some at the White House high-fiving since he said what they think about anything Fox News. He would have made this list regardless, but his performance/rant/tirade catapulted him up to this spot. I do give him credit, however, for not changing his name to Mufasa Mohammed or something like that since he is the only Muslim in Congress. His ability to rewrite current history in defense of Obama is classic liberalism. Just as Paul Krugman simultaneously cheapens the Nobel Prize and academia, Ellison cheapens all progressives/liberals and Congress. Simply, he is an embarrassment to mankind.

#1. DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ- There is actually little difference between her and Ellison when you get down to brass tacks, but she has more power in the Democratic Party. She is my favorite moon bat. I actually friended her on Facebook just to keep track of her nonsense cheerleading for Team Obama. In fact, she reminds me of the not-so-good-looking cheerleader on the squad who made it because her mom is on the school board. It is ashame when liberal fact checkers give her a “Pants on fire” or “Four Pinnochio” designation for her comments. Her tiff with Paul Ryan exposed her as a great spouter of the Obama line who cannot actually put together a cogent original thought or utterance. She is the one who said that the phrase “Obamacare” was disparaging to Obama and wanted Republicans to stop using the phrase on the floor of the House. Honestly- don’t we have more important things to worry about? And as a Jewish congresswoman representing a district in southern Florida, she sure has an uncanny ability to diss Jews at times. So, keep talking DWS; you are a great recruiting tool for the GOP.

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