A Case of Buyer's Remorse

The election of 2012 is now history. Barack Obama won a second term while the GOP bungled the Senate and mitigated expected losses in the House with some gains elsewhere. There is no shortage of hand-wringing, post-mortems and dissection of an presidential election loss that seemed to be within grasp as late as October. Forget about the inaccuracy of polls, especially Romney’s internal polling and misallocation of resources. All one can conclude is that it was a perfect storm of events and missteps by the guy at the top of the ticket that got Barack Obama reelected. For better or worse- most likely worse- he is the president for the next four years and I can continue to refer to him with a lower case “p.”

Unlike the last Democratic president, Obama is an unabashed liberal. At least Clinton had the ability to at least appear more centrist even if he was not, in his heart, a moderate Democrat. Incidentally, Clinton was the last and only Democrat I ever voted for in a presidential election. Personally, I was fine under Clinton. He abandoned Hillarycare when it appeared it would face stiff resistance. He managed to work with a Republican Congress that, I personally believe, was more partisan and conservative than the one in 2012. And in the end, with Republican insistence and assistance, he left office with a budget surplus in theory and on paper if not actually in the US treasury. All this was achieved against a backdrop of impeachment proceedings against him, talk of bizarre uses for cigars, and stains on dresses. Where have you gone Monica Lewinsky?

To phrase this another way, when Bill Clinton was reelected- my vote one among many- there was no reason to fear the future, of another four years of Bill Clinton, even though he achieved the moniker, Slick Willy. The 2012 election happened slightly over a month ago and already the signals out of the White House and off the lips of Barack Obama and his associates is becoming scary. In my lifetime, although a child at the time, we faced nuclear brinkmanship with the Soviet Union over missiles in Cuba, the assassaination of a president, civil rights upheaval and race riots that tore major cities apart and burnt them to the ground, massive anti-war demonstrations culminating with four protesters killed at Kent State. We saw a president resign in disgrace basically over a 13-minute gap in a tape. I saw the debacle that was the administration of Jimmy Carter and a revival of America under Ronald Reagan who laid the groundwork for the fall of the Soviet Union and the retreat of communism. We won the Cold War only to face a new reality- that of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. I watched as the Twin Towers of the Wold Trade Center fell. And although I clearly did not agree with or approve of Barack Obama winning in 2008, somewhere there was a little bit of pride that a black man had been elected to the highest office in the country. Make no mistake: if I were a Democrat, I would have supported Hillary Clinton because I believed that Obama was nothing but a shill for the Left devoid of any true achievement other than publication of a memoir (sort of) and giving good speeches. I educated myself in his background and where he came from and did not like what I saw or found.

Those reservations were confirmed by his first term. While the nation and the world teetered on the edge of financial collapse, the government stepped in to rescue the banks they deemed “to big to fail.” Yes, TARP was a Bush Administration monster, but Obama added more to that monster. Not to be thwarted when using other’s money- mainly that of the American taxpayer or that of China- he pushed through a “stimulus” package that achieved nothing. He found out that “shovel-ready” really meant that things really were not that “ready.” Of course, as his chief-of-staff at the time noted, “Never waste an emergency.” We found out then that this economic stimulus plan was nothing but a pay-back to those who got him elected with the American taxpayer footing the bill.

He touts the bailout of the auto industry as one of the biggest success stories of his first term. But, is it really? The one company in best financial shape is the one that refused any bailout money. Meanwhile, General Motors stock has dropped and since the government still owns about 25% of that stock, the taxpayer is left holding the bill. He has three choices: hold onto the stock and hope the price increases (not likely), sell now and cut his losses, or double down with another bailout in the future (most likely). This is success in Obamaland.

Not to be outdone, while the economy slowly rebounded from the worst financial situation since the Great Depression, jobs failed to come back. Instead of addressing this bread-and-butter issue, the administration for 18 months dithered and debated health care reform culminating in Obamacare. Remember the promises that this law would result in an average $2,500 in health care insurance premium savings? Remember when the projections were that it would cost $940 billion over ten years? Remember when you could keep the insurance you have now? Well, health care premiums have gone up, Obamacare will now cost an estimated $1.76 trillion, and more people are losing their health insurance through their employer as their status is downgraded to part-time, if they are lucky enough to have a job. All those state health care exchanges are a figment of fantasy as more and more states correctly view it as nothing more than cost-shifting to the states based on a federal mandate. The result, given the fact the federal government is in no financial or bureaucratic position to establish the exchanges, is a 3.5% tax on all health care premiums to fund this additional “unanticipated” cost. That tax will be passed onto to consumers. On Tuesday, several Democratic Senators requested that the excise tax on medical devices be either delayed or repealed. They sudenly had the epiphany that the tax would cost jobs, stifle innovation, and increase costs on the users of these devices. Of course, if this job-killing revenue is not generated, it only ups the overall cost of Obamacare.

But for all the egregious actions by this Adminsitration- circumventing laws through executive orders, the blatant class warfare, Obamacare and its hidden taxes now coming to light, Fast and Furious, etc.- we are now told that Eric Holder is staying on, at least for now. In a recent statement, he said he has no intentions of staying the full four years, but feels the need to stay because of unfinished business. That “unfinished business?” Holder, like most blatant liberals, believes that voter ID laws are today’s equivalent of Jim Crow and equates voter ID with a poll tax. His possible solutions to the alleged problems? Weekend voting, same day registration, longer polling hours, redistricting reform, using federal databases to automatically register people when they move. In short, he is advocating all the very things that will increase the chances of voter fraud while fighting against the very thing that can prevent voter fraud- a photo ID. If ever the hypocrisy of the American Left was on display, this is it!

Of course, it is further ironic and hypocritical that his Justice Department fought against the use of E-Verify in Arizona for employment purposes, but now wants those very same federal databases to be used to automatically register voters. He is arguing out of both sides of his mouth. Actually, his whole argument is out of his ass because he is an ass. This is the same Eric Holder who during the Clinton Administration made freeing FALN Puerto Rican terrorists an obsession. This is the same man who said that criticism of Black Panthers at polling locations in Philadelphia was a disservice to “his people.” “His people” is ALL Americans, not just blacks. This is the same Eric Holder who accuses critics of Obama and himself as being racist in nature. This is the same Attorney General who apparently sees the racial bogeyman behind everything commonsense. This is the same Eric Holder who is in charge of the Department of Justice, a building he works in that requires photo ID to enter.

There is no doubt that after fighting voter ID laws in courts or through a series of delaying tactics or even an executive order, Holder will move on to another pet peeve of his: gun control. I would also imagine that card-check is somewhere on the Obama second-term agenda as a payback to his union cronies and that the FCC will be used as an instrument to silence or harass conservative talk radio. And lest we forget, the EPA was formulating guidelines that would have crippled the use of coal in energy production during the campaign in case Obama lost. Now, they have the advantage of spreading out these job-killing, energy cost increasing regulations. By the time Obama leaves office, people will be scratching their heads wondering when their electricity bill increased so much and why.

We know a certain percentage of the population was going to vote for him anyway. Why upset the apple cart, or the gravy train as the case may be. But, it is that other sliver of the population who pushed him over the finish line who will have the greatest degree of buyer’s remorse. Unfortunately, for those of us who saw through his charade, we too will bear the consequences.