29 Days To Election Day: South Carolina

South Carolina gains a seat in the House this decade. The current House delegation is 5-1 Republican. This is a very Republican state and Mitt Romney will win their 9 electoral votes. Adding insult to injury is the recent public relations debacle of the Obama Administration’s NLRB and Boeing’s proposed plant in South Carolina.

In the coastal First District, Tim Scott, the Republican incumbent who also happens to be black, will face Bobbie Rose. Simply, she is way too liberal for this district. In the Third, the best the Democrats could offer up as competition against GOP incumbent Jeff Duncan is Brian Doyle who was convicted in 2003 for Medicaid fraud and served a jail sentence. The only interest out of the 4th District involves the Democratic challenger to incumbent Trey Gowdy, Deb Morrow. There, she had to shut down her Twitter account after messages from that account accused Gowdy and Senator Lindsay Graham of being homosexuals. She explained it away as the account being hacked. It really does not make a difference as she had no chance of winning in any case.

In the Fifth, Republican incumbent John Mulvaney became the first GOP congressman in the district since 1883 when he defeated long term Democrat John Spratt in 2010. He will face Joyce Knott, a former assistant to Spratt. Perhaps, with a stronger opponent in this northern South Carolina district, Mulvaney may be beatable, but not this year.

In the new 7th District, which takes in the Republican resort area of Hilton Head, Tom Rice- the Horry Country Council Chairman- defeated former Lt. Governor Andre Bauer in a runoff primary. He will face Gloria Tinubu, a former member of the Georgia state house and Atlanta mayoral candidate, who moved back to South Carolina and decided to run in the new district. Despite the backing of several South Carolina Democratic heavyweights for her primary opponents, she apparently won the primary outright. However, a judge ruled that the votes for Ted Vick, who withdrew from the race due to a DUI violation, had to be counted. This dropped Tinubu below the 50% level forcing a runoff against attorney Preston Brittain. Again, Brittain received most of the endorsements from the South Carolina Democratic party. Again, Tinubu prevailed. In the final analysis, this will be difficult for her to win. The base is in the Hilton Head area, a staunch Republican area. Perhaps, high unemployment in the Pee Dee region can create an opening, but it is doubtful. Therefore, it is highly likely that Tom Rice will win for the GOP.

There is one question on the ballot. It would require the candidates for governor to select their running mates for Lt. governor. It received bipartisan support in the state legislature.

In conclusion: Mitt Romney takes their 9 electoral votes and the congressional delegation will be 6-1 as the GOP picks up the new district and all incumbents are easily reelected.

Running totals thus far: Romney leads the electoral vote count 119-108. Democrats lead in the House 108-102 seats.

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