Running on Hope and Out of Gas

In the span of less than a month, we have seen some desperation on the part of Team Obama and his dutiful consorts in the media. An analyst on CNN managed to compare Romney’s speech at Liberty University regarding heterosexual marriage as being akin to George Wallace’s declaration in favor of segregation. Commentators on MSNBC managed to up the ante by comparing Ann Romney to Hitler or Stalin. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is elevated to some bizarre pedestal as she appears on the Disney Channel almost weekly telling parents what to feed their kids which, to me, sounds eerily Stalinesque. Newsweek magazine managed to finally get the halo, albeit rainbow colored, on Obama’s head. A New York Times/CBS News poll then finds that 67% of respondents believe Obama’s evolutionary view of gay marriage was politically, not morally motivated. True to form, they bury their own poll’s results on page 17 and in paragraph 16 of that article manage to note that Romney has a slight edge on Obama in the polls.

Regarding that gay marriage “epiphany,” the announcement was obviously motivated by (1) Joe Biden’s big mouth on the Sunday morning talk shows and (2) the vote in North Carolina. The media even managed to overlook Biden’s apology to Obama for forcing the President’s hand on the subject. But if Obama had his great evolutionary change in position, why should there even be a Biden apology? To further muddle the issue, Obama elevates gay marriage to a civil right, but then says that it should be left to the states. Thank God, if Obama really believes this, he was not an adult during the 1960s civil rights movement.

Then there is that advertisement that has received more attention from the media than people in the states where the advertisement actually ran- the GST “vampire” commercial. The Wall Street Journal does a better job at dispelling the falsities of that commercial, despite Joe Biden’s feigned “they don’t get us” rhetoric. The media ignores the fact that Bain Capital actually added eight years to the life of GST Steel in Kansas City and that the vampires invested $100 million in the plant. The truth is that without Bain Capital, those people yelling “vampire” in the commercial would have been unemployed in 1993, not 2001.

Adding insult to injury for Obama, polls show Romney gaining on him and Romney is basically in a standstill. That is, the more Obama does, the better Romney performs in the polls. Things are so bad for Team Obama that the alleged gender gap is all but gone. That merely indicates what Romney has been saying all along- real women care more about bread-and-butter subjects than contraceptive services. Those screaming about contraception and “the war on women” are feminists and liberals, a minority that is going to vote for Obama in either case. Hence, they are singing to the choir.

Obama is being revealed as one thing and one thing only- not beholden to his conscience and beliefs, or even the polls, but beholden to his rich liberal donors. He doesn’t even hide this as within hours after his gay marriage announcement, he flies to California for a record-setting fundraiser at the mansion of George Clooney. The same can be said of his decision regarding the Keystone XL pipeline. This was a no-brainer of a decision that Obama flubbed while cowtowing to his environmentalist and liberal donors. It would appear that Obama is more concerned with reaching only one goal- raising $1 billion for his campaign- rather than having a goal in improving conditions in this country.

Then we have the alleged 16-year fact check error where Obama suddenly goes from “Kenyan born” to being “Hawaiian born.” These seemingly trivial “oversights” only fan the flames of confusion and beget more questions. We are reminded daily on the news that Romney’s days at Bain Capital are fair game in this campaign since they supposedly helped shape his economic philosophy and outlook, but Obama’s association with Jeremiah Wright and Saul Alinsky are “off limits” because to do so would be either racist or “old news.” I have no doubts that Obama was born in Hawaii and that the biography claiming a Kenyan birth was akin to resume embellishment- for whatever reason, its more exotic to be born in Kenya. After all, Hawaii is a great tourist destination. But when your biography is still in question five years after these “questions have been answered,” you have a problem. When you have a great moral epiphany regarding gay marriage and have to hold almost daily conference calls with black ministers to allay their fears and concerns in this area, you have a problem. When you attack your opponent for their days at a private equity firm and being a “vampire” sucking the life out of businesses when you yourself never created a job in your life, you have a problem.

The fact is that Barack Obama is no longer the President he claimed he was going to be when he ran in 2008. That was presaged soon after his election with his flippant “we won” speech to a gathering of Pelosi Obamatrons. More importantly, Obama has stopped trying to be that President he said he would be in 2008. He can point at an obstructionist Republican Party in Congress, or portray the GOP as being beholden to a radical Tea Party agenda all he wants, but at the end of the day, he is starting to look not only desperate, but pathetic.

Its obvious that running on a campaign of changing Washington is not a winning strategy this time out. His victory in 2008 was more like voting for change for the sake of change. But, we have seen that change and we should be thankful there is an “obstructionist” Congress standing in his way. That is what 2010 was all about!

Within the next six months, I can almost guarantee that Joe Biden will have a health issue or some other event will occur and Obama will have a new running mate in 2012, perhaps Hillary Clinton. After all, what would be more transformative than the nation’s first black President and first woman Vice-President? If that is all you have to run on, then you have problems.