Liberal #@!* That Makes You Say "Huh?"

More in the continuing line of liberal junk that makes one shake their head and say, “Huh?”

1) Why do we have greater security for credit card transactions than we do for preserving the integrity of voting?

2) After Indiana passed a voter ID law, later upheld by the Supreme Court, why did voter turnout increase?

3) If Citizens United should be overturned to remove the possibility or appearance of corruption, why should we not have voter ID laws to remove the possibility or appearance of voter fraud?

4) Why are pro-choice people also more apt to protect animal rights?

5) Why do violent crime rates decrease when states pass concealed carry laws?

6) Why do we not see white liberals living in black ghettos?

7) Obama will accept the Democratic nomination this year in the…(wait for it)…Bank of America Arena.

8) When Obama leaves office, will he be labeled a “war criminal” for use of Predator drone attacks on real or suspected terrorist targets? (Personal note: I have no problem with the tactic per se)

9) If Romney admits to “being born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” will Obama admit to being a beneficiary of affirmative action and not his academic abilities?

10) Every time there is a tornado outbreak or a drought or “weather out of the ordinary,” why must NBC attribute it to global warming?

11) By the way, to paraphrase Simon & Garfunkel, “Where have you gone Al Gore, the global warming crowd turns their increasingly lonely eyes to you…”

12) Why does the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops now complain about Obamacare when they were one of its biggest proponents in 2009? Did they really trust Obama and the Democrats when it came to issues like abortion and contraceptive services? Do they still?

13) I was surprised to learn recently that being 1/32 Cherokee makes you Native American….

14) Why do conservatives give more to charity while rich liberals complain they are not taxed enough…or on par with their secretaries?

15) Why is the government more concerned with a citizen proving they have health insurance and less concerned with a person proving they are a citizen in the first place?

16) Why are the neoconservatives quiet about Obama’s war on terror? Could it be because he has doubled down on what they started and they are proud of his actions thus far? (Personal note: again, I am not against keeping scum in Cuba or killing them abroad before they kill here)

17) We know we have a southern border that needs to be secured. Does Mexico realize they have a northern border?

18) In 2006, Paul Krugman was warning us about the dangers of deficit spending under George W. Bush. In 2012, why does he now support greater deficit spending under Obama? In the intervening six years, has Krugman had an epiphany over defcit spending?

19) If $4 trillion in accumulated debt in eight years under Bush is “unpatriotic,” what is $5 trillion in debt over 3+ years of Obama?

20) Is the American citizenry suddenly disabled? The number of “disabled” Americans since 2009 has increased by 5.4 million people. Where did they all come from in the past 3 years? Did I miss a natural disaster somewhere?