Just In Case Anyone Forgot

The Supreme Court will be hearing the oral arguments over Obamacare this week. This is the Court’s schedule for the week:

Monday 3/26/12-
Will release orders from their conference of 3/23 where they grant new cases for the October 2012 term, deny petitions, hold them over for possible resolution of companion cases, or ask for opinions from the Solicitor General;
Followed by at least one or more opinions from cases argued this term;
Followed by 90 minutes of oral argument over whether the Anti-Injunction Act precludes the Court from considering other aspects of Obamacare before they actually are enforced against individuals.

Tuesday 3/27/12:
The Court convenes at 10 AM and no opinions are expected. Instead, they will hear two hours of oral argument regarding Obamacare’s individual mandate to purchase health care insurance as justified or even allowable under the Commerce Clause.

Wednesday 3/28/12:
The Court convenes at 10 AM and at least one opinion is expected from this term.
The Court will then hear 90 minutes of oral argument over the issue of severability- that is, if the mandate or any part of the law is found to violate the Constitution, must the whole law be struck down?
They will then recess until 1:00 PM and reconvene and hear one hour of oral argument on Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid dictates on the states in possible violation of state’s rights concerns under the constitutional theory of coercion.

Friday 3/30/12: The Justices will have a private conference where preliminary votes on the cases heard will be taken and the aspects debated with possible assignment of opinions.

Should make for an interesting week. There is one case heard in October where no opinion has been rendered yet that I will hopefully be commenting on shortly. It involves strip searches in jails. The specifics of this case will likely concern most readers.

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