A Quickie on Sandra Fluke

First and foremost, I doubt that Sandra Fluke is a slut or a prostitute. Even if she was, its none of my business. Everyone is talking about Rush Limbaugh and his comment, but they are missing her ill-advised comments before the Pelosi-led “hearing.” To assert that she somehow suffers financial harm of $3000 because of the lack of contraceptive services at Georgetown University is ludicrous. Really? $3,000 worth of contraception is the norm?

Secondly, the lamestream media has jumped all over this comment by Limbaugh once again insinuating that he somehow is representative of the average Republican. He does not, yet they portray it that way. No one takes marching orders from Rush Limbaugh. Personally, I lost respect for him when his name was connected with oxycontin. Limbaugh may have a large following on the radio, but he is no spokesman for the Republican Party.

Third, as recent articles have proven, Ms. Fluke is not the innocent novice caught in the crossfire as many are portraying her. She joined Georgetown knowing about their policy and did so in order to pick a fight. Unfortunately, she picked a fight she started with a downright stupid comment in the first place. Sandra Fluke is not a slut, but she is stupid and not anyone I would want as a lawyer when she graduates.

And finally, if you want to get in the rough and tumble that sometimes occurs, be prepared for the attacks. She is now being portrayed as some innocent victim in this whole affair when she invited the attacks with her comments. At the end of the day, Sandra Fluke has had her 15 minutes of fame thanks to Rush Limbaugh. Now maybe we can refocus on the real problems in this country and move on.