Liberals are Racist

In 2012, Obama will inevitably use two strategies to win reelection. Being the incumbent, he must run on his record. Given that record, it is dubious at best. He gave us the auto bail out, the stimulus, Obamacare, Frank-Dodd and tried to tip the balance of power towards his cronies in the unions through liberalizing the NLRB. His Justice Department has sued Arizona when they weren’t lying about selling guns to Mexican drug cartels. Yes, Bin Laden is dead, but is that really an issue this year?

If you cannot really defend a record, what can you do? He has two options: deflect blame and/or change the conversation (a/k/a play the race card). While Obama wants to tax his way out of a teetering economy, Republicans need to stick to the core values of less regulation, lower taxes and a true vision to cut the national debt. We need to to stress the fact that Obama has so poisoned the economic and job-creation environment that a change is necessary. Naturally, he will look to assign blame elsewhere. He will trot out the obligatory attacks on the “do-nothing” Congress. However look at what the alleged “do-anything” Democratic Congress achieved. We will once again hear about Bush and the mess Obama inherited. He can depict the GOP as the “party of no” until the cows come home, but it is Republicans who have advanced the most reasonable long and short term reforms. That is, the Republicans have moved beyond the New Deal and the Great Society into the 21st century.

Regardless, if Obama did inherit this mess, is making it worse through profligate spending the solution? With each passing day, citizens and businesses are discovering more and more the intricacies and bad effects of his legislation.

The second strategy is to deflect attention from his miserable record. We are already seeing signs of this in response to the GOP candidates and the primary process. Like 2008, it is not Obama who will engage in the low-life racial politics, but his subordinates and lackys in the media. Newt Gingrich made a comment about poor children learning a work ethic by being janitors. This is a rather radical idea and one that will never come to fruition. Within minutes, the liberal media portrayed this as being a racist comment. However, does one have to be of a member of a racial minority to be poor? Does the liberal media believe that only racial minorities lack a work ethic? Their knee jerk conclusions seem to indicate this. The same can be said of the “food stamp president” comment. Does the liberal media, through their knee jerk reaction, believe that only racial minorities use food stamps or only they know hunger?

This alleged use of racial code words or phrases is nothing new and dates back to Nixon’s alleged southern strategy. The argument is so ridiculous that invoking the Constitution or mentioning “Founding Fathers” is a racial comment. Again, the phrase “state’s rights” is code word for a desire to the good old days of Jim Crow laws. Never mind the fact that the Constitution (sorry to invoke that racist thought) spells out the rights of states and the Federal government. Does truly understanding the Constitution make one racist now? If so, my bad (oooops… can’t say that) probably because it originated in urban (another code word), or inner city (yet another code word). I guess the best phrase would be: it started in metropolitan areas with large racial minority populations, but then that statement would make me too articulate. But then again, being articulate is apparently a racist comment. Never mind- it would make me uppity. Every time I attempt to write a sentence, I am confronted with the possible use of a potential racial comment. I guess there is a chink in my armor, or should I say my armor has a small indentation?

Recently in Pinellas County, Florida, a school board member referred to unruly students as “hoodlums.” Black civil rights groups demanded her resignation since they took offense with the word “hoodlum.” Remember when Rick Perry said there was a “black cloud of debt” hanging over the country? That too is racist.

We also have the thoughts of people like Donna Bazile (who hasn’t been relevant since 2000) and Rachel Maddow (who makes a really cute little boy) who believe that something as commonsense as voter ID laws are some grand design to disenfranchise black voters because they are of the opinion that black people lack the ability to go to a library or county office and obtain a photo ID. I ask you: who is more racist here? The state or the detractors who think blacks lack the means and intelligence to obtain a photo ID? Who is more racist? The detractors who see race in every statement and every utterance? It is they who are fixated on race in this country. The liberal/Democrats are the racists in this country by perpetuating the myth that every racial and ethnic minority needs special protection and coddling from the government. It is Republicans who have the ideas and programs and reforms and proposals that help EVERYONE in this country, not the select few that liberals, through their racist and race-based thought, have decided to protect from themselves.