Debbie Wasserman Schultz- the Gift that Keeps on Giving, Part 2

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chairman of the DNC, was recently in television once again spouting the Democratic lies, trying to spin an otherwise dismal employment report.  Of course, she stated the fact that in the past year or so, the Obama Administration created s many jobs.  That comes as small consolation to the 9.1% of the labor force currently unemployed, not to mention the countless others who are under-employed, working part time, working two jobs, or who have just given up.  The unemployment rate remains high because the Obama/Democratic/liberal solution is playing a never ending game of catch up.  Despite the “addition” of so many jobs over the past year, many of them are jobs that existed previously simply being refilled with lower rates of pay.  This is the main difference between Democratic and Republican policies- do we run in circles to maintain the status quo and claim victory on the jobs front, or do we create the business and economic environment that actually creates jobs?  That is a concept that cannot permeated Wasserman Schultz‘s badly permed hair, let alone her thick skull.

In fact, as the point man for the Democrats, it is wise to look back on  some of her more enlightening comments.  There were the recent accusations that the GOP is anti-woman or at war with women. That statement is true only insofar as Republicans are at war with women like Wasserman Schultz- knee jerk liberal hypocritical women.  In her vision of Republicans, Medicare reform will result in the death of seniors after passing through some period of poverty.  The Ryan plan was described as a “death trap for seniors.”  Sort of like Obama’s death panels where faceless bureaucrats determine the best medical interventions?  So, in her convoluted head, Republicans are now at war with women and senior citizens.

And their/her solution?  Obamacare, but we dare not refer to it as such lest we offend the Messiah.  “Obamacare,” in her view is a disparaging term towards the President.  If so, that says a lot since for something to be “disparaging,” it must first have negative connotations.  Since the Democrats are so proud of this signature piece of legislation, one would think that Obama would be proud to have his name attached to it.  Of course, to her, card check legislation is “employee free choice” and DISCLOSE act is not an infringement on political free speech.

Her views on the judiciary are interesting, if not scary.  In Wasserman’s Wacko World, judges should first and above all be empathetic.  According to her, judges “need to understand what discrimination feels like.”  They also have to “understand what inequality feels like.”  Apparently, the fine Representative from Florida has never heard of the Constitution.  If not, she just needs to skip to Article III.  Then there is this beauty: “We must expose the stark differences between the Democrats fighting for the middle class and Republicans fighting for the elite and the ultra-wealthy.”  Talk about your classic chutzpah!  This is such twisted logic that it defies explanation except, perhaps, as psychological projection.  Ms. Wasserman Schultz is known as a good fundraiser so guess who her biggest contributors are?  The finance industry followed by labor unions and then lawyers/lobbyists.  Not exactly the John Steinbeck crowd, is it?  Can’t get too much more elite than this group now, can we?  In fact, ten of her top 20 contributors are unions.

During the debate on hate crimes legislation, she found it offensive to the LGBT community to consider military veterans as potential victims of “hate crimes” and worthy of protection under the proposed law.  Leaving aside the fact that there should not be such things as “hate crimes legislation, I realize that she represents a sizable LGBT community in her gerrymandered district, but does she really have to play to that audience as if she is going to lose the gay vote in her District?  All she did was offend military veterans and they need to hold her feet to the fire on that.  Perhaps the RNC can pay a lone protester to put up a sign behind her every time her mug appears on television reminding veterans of her thoughts.  But then, it really will not matter much because according to her, South Florida will not be around much longer because of global warming which is apparently centered in the Everglades according to the Wacky, Wacky World of Wasserman.

Then there was her rally/protest outside the offices of Allen West when she later said her rally differed from the allegedly hate-filled Tea Party rallies with their “pictures of the President in black face.”  Hmmm..I thought Barack Obama wasblack.  As for burning the President in effigy, I really do not recall this at any Tea Party rally although I may be wrong.  I do remember seeing, however, during the lame protests against Bush, he dressed as Uncle Sam and hanging from the end of a rope.  Of course, to her all this Tea Party business just laid the groundwork for all the hate speech which led to the inevitable- the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.  Which brings me to another question: why has she appointed herself the spokesman for the Giffords family?    And since when is the fawning media on a first name “Gabby” basis with the lady from Arizona?  I have nothing against Ms. Giffords except for the “D” after her name, but enough is enough from Wasserman Schultz.  Just once I would like to hear her defer inquiries to the Giffords family or her doctors.

Considering where she gets most of her contributions, it is no surprise that she weighed into Wisconsin politics by siding against Scott Walker.  According to her, Walker is the best union organizer that unions can ever have.  Really?  Considering that union membership is at an all time low, where exactly are these union organization efforts being made?  Public worker unions which, if she reads the jobs reports, is shedding jobs?   Of course, a lot of the problems today for the Democratic Party are, she claims, due to the fact that they have not articulated their legislative achievements particularly well.  In actuality, I think they have done an excellent job of articulating their achievements and the American public just does not like them.  Perhaps, she is channeling Nancy Pelosi here or something, but that is equally troublesome.  And what are the achievements?  Obamacare?  Soaring deficits and debt?  The stimulus that stimulated Democratic special interests?  The “Recovery Summer?”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party.  By elevating this loud mouth to Chairman of the DNC and as their spokesman, the utter nonsense of their policies, beliefs and aspirations will be laid bare.  To the rational voter, every time she opens her mouth, she shows how out of step, how illogical, and how partisan the Democratic Party really is.  Hopefully, her stupidity translates into votes for Republicans in 2012.