Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: The Gift that Keeps on Giving, Part 1

Recently annointed head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is a godsend to the Republican Party more so than to her party.  The reason is clear: even more so than screamo wannabe Howard Dean, she represents the ludicrous and hypocrisy of the uber-liberal wing of the Democratic Party.  As head of the DNC, she now speaks as the voice of the Democratic Party and their aspirations for and vision of America.  It is a good thing that this Nancy Pelosi clone is in this position because she epitomizes everything that is wrong with that party.  She, as their voice, proves that their vision and their aspirations are, in fact, at odds with the vast majority of Americans.  Naturally, she and they will have their supporters among the liberal elites- those in academia, union leaders, the lamestream media, and the policy experts in Hollywood (not to mention the acolytes of Al Bore- a/k/a Manbearpig).

Her most recent comments characterizing the GOP as “anti-women” and waging a war on women are indicative of the fact that we DO need health care reform if for no other reason than to cure her affliction: foot in mouth disease.  The main thing that got her goat this time around was the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.”  The law in question, for those unaware, would simply codify the Hyde Amendment which has been passed as an appropriations rider since 1976.  Granted, there was some controversy within the bill that had even ardent pro-life people a little leery, namely the definition of “rape.”  By inserting the word “forcible” as a qualifier to the rape exception, many of those on the Left accused the bill’s author, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) of redefining rape and that the word “forcible” would remove many definitions of rape such as date rape or unwanted sex among the mentally unstable.  Wasserman-Schultz, however, went way off the grid in her reaction by calling the Act itself a “violent act against women in and of itself.”  According to this line of thinking, this particular word in this particular Act is akin to rape itself.  So, it would appear that the GOP is legislatively raping women in the mind of the Representative from Florida.

As the Weekly Standardrecently pointed out, it would not appear that only Republicans are at war with women.  In fact, sixteen Democrats voted in favor of the law and the legislation was co-written by Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL).  The head of the DNC defended the “war on women” exemption conferred upon the Democrats who broke ranks (they, by virtue of the “D” after their name, cannot be “anti-woman”) by stating that they did not vote to defund Planned Parenthood.  Of course, in the mind of liberals, the Democratic Party and Wasserman-Schultz in particular, disagreeing with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, or NOW must necessarily classify you as “anti-woman.”  Regardless,  ten Democrats DID vote to defund Planned Prenthood: Dan Boren (OK), Jerry Costello (IL), Joe Donnelly (IN), Dan Lipinski (IL), Mike McIntyre (NC), Collin Peterson (MN), Nick Rahall (WV), Silverstre Reyes (TX), Mike Ross (AR), and Heath Schuler (NC).  She then told The Weekly Standard that she was fairly certain that ten Democrats did not, despite recorded votes in the Congressional Record, vote to defund Planned Parenthood because she “whipped the vote.”  If true, then she was either hoodwinked by the ten Democrats or she is a bad whip.  In either case, she does not come out smelling particularly good.  It also has to be noted, since she brought up the subject of the totality of their votes, that the ten Congressmen who voted to defund Planned Parenthood averaged an 87.1 rating from the National Right to Life Committee- clearly making them pro-life.  In fact, six of them received a 100% rating from NRLC.

The comments were met with a stern rebuke from female Republicans in Congress.  What upsets DWS is that there are women who do not agree with her liberal feminist agenda.  While she is waging a war better set in the days of public bra burnings in the 1970s, Republican women are, as they stated in their letter, fighting for women entering the stagnant job market, of being the victims of burdensome taxes and regulations, and for women and everyone suffering under crushing Democratic-induced debt and deficits.  DWS is fighting a perceived problem that most Americans place somewhere on the fringes of their list of priorities.

If nothing else, the fights that DWS chooses to pick and then fight indicate the Democratic strategy going forth into the 2012 elections- that of class warfare and identity politics.  Proposals in opposition to the liberal agenda of Obama and the Democratic Party will be characterized as attacks on the old, on union workers, for businesses at the expense of the middle class, as attacks on blacks and on Latinos, and on women.  While the vast majority of Americans care about the health of the economy, the deficit and public debt, rising prices of gasoline and food, and jobs, Wasserman Schultz is arguing the social issues and ignoring facts along the way.  DSW was chosen to head the DNC because she is the attack pit bull (literally) that allows Obama to “rise above the fray” while cackling behind our backs as his minions blindly report to the polls like the political zombies that they are.  One thing in our favor and an often overlooked fact: Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the Vice Chair of the DNC under Tim Kaine in 2010 and they both presided over the loss of the House.  In effect, Obama elevated a loser to be Chairman of the DNC.  Hopefully, she counts electoral votes in 2012 as well as she counted Democratic votes to defund Planned Parenthood.