Rachel Maddow is a Dumb (Fill in the blank)

    I just have to fire off a quick diary entry here because I almost busted by laptop.  Did anyone have the unfortunate opportunity to see Rachel Maddow on Monday night?  If not, you can view the pertinent video at RealClearPolitics- just type in “Maddow+man cave+ Daniels” into the search box.  There, you will see a 19-minute video from the May 16th show where she analyzes the Republican field to date.  Besides the obvious comparisons of Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels and their “charisma of a grape tomato,” she then launches into a skit about Indiana’s defunding of Planned Parenthood.

      Regarding that “charisma” thing, we have heard these criticisms before, so Maddow is hardly breaking new ground.  Of course, she is of the opinion that telepromptered speeches of “hope” and “change” take some kind of priority over actual ideas.  Maddow, like all the leg-tingled, ga-ga-for-Barry liberals on MSNBC, fail to understand that real executive experience- such as, oh I don’t know…being a Governor- is better preparation for higher office than, say, four rather inauspicious years in the Senate. 

     What got her ire, though, was the defunding of Planned Parenthood in Indiana, calling it the most radical such move in America.  This, she claims, is Daniels’ way of building up his pro-life, social conservative credentials because of his “truce” statement last year.  As she launches into her tirade, she then abruptly stops and resorts to an obviously scripted “plan B.”  The background is made to appear like a cellar and she then has alleged “manly” items on her desk- a can of Budweiser, a football, a Philadelphia Eagles helmet, and a Pittsurgh Steelers banner.  Of course, to Maddow- the obvious feminine-challenged newscaster- “real men” obviously drink Budweiser, toss footballs in their cellars and support Pennsylvania football teams.  Of course, Maddow would be the first to yell “stereotype” if anyone characterizes her as being a resident of San Francisco because of her short hair and tendency not to wear dresses or skirts. 

     But then, she tries to put the importance of Planned Parenthood into terms us stupid males can understand.  You see, we understand that a car’s oil should be changed every 3,000 miles and the tires rotated every 6,000 miles.  This, she then equates, is analagous to women’s health.  In Maddow-world, the oil change is an annual mammogram and tire rotation equals a pap smear.  Like cars need preventive maintenance, women, she then proclaims, need preventive health care.  Now, thanks to Rachel Maddow, I understand not only proper car care, but women’s health.  Then she makes the preposterous statement that defunding Planned Parenthood in Indiana will somehow create a female population inundated with cervical and breast cancer.

    First, if Maddow was attempting humor, then perhaps she should study some real comedians because she failed miserably.  Second, her acting abilities are even more pathetic than her comedic abilities.  Third, her newscasting abilities are not that great  either.  Her analogy is worthy of the next installment in bad theater that really sucks.  What Maddow proved on May 16th is that her show is the joke and MSNBC is a bigger joke for giving voice to her her.  The FACT is her show has low ratings, so I guess she has to do something.  All that “something” did is prove she has minimal, if any, skills for a television analyst/newscaster.  All she proved is her ignorant liberal credentials and the fact that she is an insult to “newspeople” everywhere, to women in general, and to lesbians in particular.