Weakening the Democratic Base, Part 6: Academia

     It was Vladimir Lenin who said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  These words sometimes remind me of higher education today where students are introduced to the nuances of forced political correctness, with that PC being anything the liberal staff and administration of the bulk of our institutes of higher learning mandate at any particular time.  Just recently while jokingly talking about the popular children’s cartoon “Arthur” (you know, that aardvark thing), I learned his globe-trotting friend Buster, in his own offshoot show, dedicated an entire episode to meeting a gay couple raising a baby rabbit or aardvark or whatever.  Political correctness comes to the pre-school crowd.  Why?  I mean, really?

      This liberal egalitarianism which has found a foothold in academia is most disturbing because we place a high price on education in this country, both literally and figuratively.  We are told and studies show that those who earn a high school degree make more than those who do not and that those with a college degree make even more.  But, an unfortunate price has to be paid along the way, more so if one is conservative.  For it is among the higher education elite that liberal political correctness reaches its zenith.  Fortunately, it also reaches it most preposterous and its most hypocritical and, thus the easiest to attack. 

     Let us look at some of the ridiculous examples of PC gone wrong.  For example, there is the case of Microsoft banning someone from XBox Live because he had the misfortune of living in Fort Gay, West Virginia.  To the intelligentsia at Microsoft, the word “gay” is perjorative and cannot be used.  Only after this example of the absurd became viral did Microsoft “reconsider” its policies.  In Los Angeles County, despite the use of the terms “slave” and  “master” to describe computer systems, the use of these terms came under attack.  I was surprised to learn when I mentioned the term “Uncle Remus” that my 14-year-old had never heard of this American classic.  This made me realize that of all the Disney movies in my collection, I don’t have “Song of the South” because that, after all, makes light of slavery.  Well, unfortunately for the politically correct academics, the phrases “slave and master” have been used in computer jargon since computers were invented, Uncle Remus lived in the post Civil War South after the abolition of slavery, and Fort Gay is a real town in West Virginia (pop. 801).  It is funny how objective facts often get in the way of this academic, intellegentsia-force fed politically correct drivel. 

     It would be a laughing matter if not for certain other cases where PC happened to rear its ugly head.  There is the case of the Indiana school girl dressed down by her school bus driver over her allegedly intolerant statements against gays because she voiced her opposition to gay marriage on her bus.  Or the case of the  children disciplined in California because they had the audicity to wear the American flag on their shirts on Cinco de Mayo and thus being offensive to Mexicans.  There is the case of the Duke lacrosse team and the race to politically correct judgment where several students were slandered and wrongly prosecuted.  There is the case of Fort Hood where despite countless warning signs, Army officials failed to act out of fear of being accused of racial profiling and in the name of political correctness, thirteen American servicemen lost their lives.  No, political correctness, fostered in our colleges and dripping into the lower grades, is no laughing matter.

    The whole idea stems from the academic exercise in cultural relativism.  Originally, it was our religious leaders who preached PC in the religious realm, but today, our self-annointed holier-than-thou intelligentsia have become the preachers of PC in the secular realm.  In essence, it is nothing more than a self-imposed ideological conformity and self-censorship practiced by intellectuals and forced upon the public at large through our educational system.  Liberals are attracted to the concept because of its theoretical celebration on diversity.  After all, they claim, it is religious and ethnic diversity that made this country great.  What they leave out is the concept of assimilation.  Absent assimilation, there is a pandering to group identity which is the best tool in the liberal’s arsenal.  Instead of Americans today, we are a nation of Arab-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Afro-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc.  PC encourages this divide and conquer mentality.

      Unfortunately for the liberal, we are a nation of individuals who happen to belong to different ethnic groups.  That fact trumps their strategy which is the ultimate tool in the arsenal of the conservative.  The liberal double standard of tolerance is at odds with the majority of Americans.  In essence, this is the ultimate class struggle between the liberal ruling elites and the populist masses.  Fortunately, there are more of us than there are of them.  And the double standard is becoming more and more obvious to us, the majority.

      For example, we are beginning to see the hypocrisy on our campuses where blacks are allowed to, even encouraged, to autosegregate, but whites are not.  Why can there be all black fraternities, but all-white fraternities are discouraged and  banned?  In academia, there are courses (even majors) in African or Women’s Studies.  Professors of African studies can spew anti-Semitic views such as it was Jews who benefitted from the African slave trade ignorant of the fact that black Africans had no monopoly on being slaves.  In fact, were not the Jews slaves in Egypt?  Some professors refer to police as “fascists.”  Women’s studies are big on highlighting “male chauvinist pigs” in society.  Whites can be referred to as “honkies.”  But, use the words “broad” or “queer” or the “n-word” and you are branded all kinds of weird things.  Even within the use of these words, academia has placed its seal of approval on these words uttered by the group member.  So gays are allowed to carry signs that proclaim they are “Proud to be Queer” and black rappers can say the word “nigger” (or “nigga”) with impunity.  If the word is wrong to use by one person, it is wrong for any other person regardless of sexual orientation or the color of their skin or whatever.  But, that only illustrates the ultimate ignorance of their arguments and their obvious double standards.

     Practically every academic discipline is under attack.  Loggers and big oil companies- indeed any company that has the audacity to make money- are necessarily bad in the world of the academic.  Instead, indigenous peoples, Native Americans, aborginal peoples, etc. are all good and we stole their land and raped it.  It’s ironic that liberals argue that race does not make a difference then formulate policies (affirmative action, quotas, hate speech, hate crimes) that legislate that race does make a difference.

      As with most things, one thing can combat liberal arguments and it is the one thing that liberals find most confounding- facts.  Here is a simple case example.  Today, most school children are taught that Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation set the slaves free.  In fact, I gather that most teachers in today’s schools believe this “fact.” However, that speech had no legal force whatsoever and slavery existed after Lincoln made that great proclamation.  It was the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery, not the Emancipation Proclamation.  Further, it was laws enacted in furtherance of the 13th Amendment that gave that amendment it’s teeth.

      How do we combat academia?  First, we challenge them on their own grounds…literally.  By challenging the liberal orthodoxy on our nation’s campuses, we start to reclaim the ground.  It makes little sense for conservatives to run to the relative safety of conservative campuses.  What does that achieve?  Instead, we should aspire to joining the campuses of California-Berkley and the Ivy League and the like.  Many a great conservative Supreme Court Justice came from the Ivy League.  Once there, we vigorously endorse a conservative agenda through conservative or Republican student groups and we demand, in the name of fairness and tolerance, equal footing with any other student group.  When thwarted, we use their agent- the ACLU- to obtain and protect those rights. 

     Whenever possible, we seek out, criticize and publicize the hypocrisy of liberals, especially liberal politically correct examples among academia.  We support- financially and morally- those groups demanding their right to exist and the right of people to associate wherever they may be.  We keep the liberal’s feet to the fire of the mantra of tolerance by demanding tolerance towards conservatives and conservative principles.  We do not demand a conservative agenda; we do demand a right to express that agenda free of fear of retaliation from the academic liberal intelligentsia in the form of disparate treatment.  This is a civil rights issue, a free speech and free association issue…certainly one even a liberal can agree with.