Meet Dennis Kucinich: A Modern Day Carpetbagger

     There is an interesting story developing in Congressional politics in Ohio.  As a result of the 2010 census, Ohio is losing two Congressional seats in 2012.  Since the legislature of Ohio is Republican and since the loss of population in Ohio is centered in the Cleveland area, it would appear that a Congressional seat in that area is being lost or merged within an existing Congressional district.  Specifically, it would appear that the 10th Congressional District, represented by perennial anti-war liberal Dennis Kucinich, is going by the wayside.  Most likely, the 10th would be melded into either the 9th or the 11th districts which neighbor the 10th, or even the 13th.  The problem for Kucinich is that all three of these districts are currently represented by Democrats- Marcy Kaptur in the 9th, Marcia Fudge in the 11th, and Betty Sutton in the 13th.  Should he run in 2012, then he would face a primary against another incumbent Democratic Congresswoman.  Although the final districts are not completed and won’t be until the end of this year, should his district be melded into 11th, which is a minority-majority district represented by a black woman, he would most likely face a primary defeat.  Both Sutton and Kaptur are fairly popular in their districts also. 

      But alas, the moonbat Congressman has a solution to his dilemma- run in the state of Washington.  Unlike Ohio, which loses two states, Washington is gaining a seat in Congress.  So they have to create a new Congressional district.  Considering that Kucinich will most likely be screwed in Ohio with redistricting coupled with his stated desire to remain in Congress in 2012, speculation of his move to Washington has been fueled by several high-profile fundraisers out west.  Additionally, he participated in an immigrant’s rights march in Seattle and addressed a union function in the state of Washington.

     When questioned about it, his office simply stated that Mr. Kucinich’s services for Congressional representation have been expressed by people “in over 20 states” with Washington being one of them.  We can add delusions of grandeur to his “stellar” resume.  It is also ironic for a man who bills himself on his website as “America’s Most Courageous Congressman” who is “Proudly Serving Ohio’s 10th District.”  However, there are problems with his rumored move.

     That problem is the state of Washington.  It would appear that the Democratic Party is somewhat lukewarm to the idea of Kucinich moving his bizarre brand of politics westward.  There is no doubt that he is a fundraising machine, primarily a base of small, less than $200 donors, but also he is a darling of organized labor.  It would likely create tensions in Washington Democratic political dynamics for this out-of-state fundraising machine vying for donors long-term Washington Democrats rely upon.  Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) has publicly questioned the move with some amusement.  Others have described Kucinich as being too left even for Washington’s most liberal Democrats.  They wonder how his political views will play in their state.  Also, Kucinich is firmly on the record as being staunchly anti-free trade which would be kind of weird since Washington’s economy is heavily dependent on exports.

     Kucinich has done nothing to dispel the rumors.  Remember that it is at Shirley MacLaine’s house in Washington that Kucinich had his infamous close encounter of the third or fourth kind that transformed his life.  He has stated that Washington “feels like home” although I was unaware that Washington had anything in common with the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  There is speculation out west as to where the spaceship will eventually parachute Kucinich- the newly created district?  Or will he settle in and run against rising star Jaime Herrera-Beutler, a Republican?  In the 1st Congressional District, incumbent Bob Inslee will most likely retire and run for Governor.  Is this his intended target?

     The diminutive Congressman from Ohio has been described and characterized in many ways in his past.  He was a highly unpopular mayor of Cleveland who barely survived a recall, almost ran the city into bankruptcy, and was eventually replaced by Republican John Voinovich.  Besides his self-proclamations of “America’s Most Courageous Congressman,” a “proud” servant for Ohio’s 10th District, and anti-war gadfly, he is a failed Presidential hopeful for the Democratic Party.  He is anti-war, anti- free trade, pro-union, pro-single payer health care proponent, and advocate of creating the United States Department of Peace.  He has had an experience with a UFO that transformed his life, has spent time in the New Mexico desert (Roswell?), and most likely believes that alien spacecraft are still being stored at Area 51 in Nevada.  Perhaps, his tinfoil hat has picked up signals from outer space or perhaps he and Shirley MacLaine spend their free time reading the color of their auras.  In between his moonbat resume and his Congressional work, Kucinich, the vegan, is a proponent of the judicial system since he used it to sue for $150,000 in damages because he broke a tooth on an olive pit.  Hopefully, there are not too many olive growers in Washington.

      Individuals changing domiciles to increase their chances of winning election for Congress is not new. In 2010, Mario Diaz-Balart left the 25th District in Florida to run in the 21st District.  Even in Washington itself, there have been recent examples of representatives changing Congressional districts.  However, moving 2,000 and three time zones in order to retain a seat in Congress smacks of political opportunism and disloyalty to the people he now represents.  It was also called carpetbagging in a previous century.  Dennis Kucinich- yet another item to place on his “illustrious” resume.