Farewell Birthers, Hello Transcripters

     Now that Barack Obama has publicly released a copy of his birth certificate, the great “birther” controversy can hopefully be put to rest.  But, like the diehard moon bats out there, some will not let it rest.  Instead, we have the whispered “Why now?” campaign gearing up.  Why now?  How about simple politics.  Why now?  Maybe because the accusations were beyond the ridiculous in the first place.  Of course, the bloviator Donald Trump took credit for this change of Obama’s heart.

     However, instead of putting the issue behind us, we have moved on to another “controversy-” his college transcripts.  And guess who is quietly leading the charge by dropping innuendo?  That’s right- Donald Trump with his “just saying” and “from everything I’ve heard” comments.  So, this newest controversy may settle around who will or will not from his days at Columbia or Harvard appear on Oprahor some other show.  Whether the “transcripters” like it or not, there is this inconvenient truth: Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review.  To me, that would seem to mean (1) he attended Harvard, (2) he went to their law school and (3) he was smart enough to be editor of their law review.  It may very well be that Obama had some bad grades at Occidental College which begs the next obvious question: SO WHAT?  Let us assume he did have some “F’s” along the way.  Are we going to demand the release of the tests that justified those grades?  And once this non-controversy is settled, what’s next?  His driver’s license?  I have an idea: this guy smokes, right?  What about his medical records?

      Let us give Trump his due and allow him to claim victory here.  At the end of the day, is it really something to be proud of?  Instead of worrying about a birth certificate or a college transcript, perhaps the Donald should (1) formulate some cogent ideas and solutions to the problems facing the country he wishes to be President of and (2) look in the mirror.  While he feeds into the conspiracy nut fringe looking for skeletons in Obama’s closet, Trump has enough skeletons in his closet to fill a graveyard.  From his extramarital affairs to shady real estate dealings to his failing casino empire, chances are there are many skeletons.  While he portrays himself as a lion facing down the President, he really is nothing more than a paper tiger with a pout and bad hairstyle.

     Lest there be any mistake, I am no fan of Barack Obama the man or the President.  I find him to be nothing but a blank slate written upon by every liberal interest there is out there from white liberals along Chicago’s north shore to the black revolutionary theology he gravitated towards to the “community organizers.”  There is little to like here.  During the campaign, I found him to be a subtle race-baiting, teleprompted bore.  Needless to say, I felt no tingle up my leg when he spoke.  And those worries were confirmed when he duped the American public into voting for him.  Although he may portray himself as moving towards the center, once a liberal, always a liberal!  His policies smack of wealth redistribution (a/k/a socialism) be it with his class warfare “soak the rich” tax rhetoric, or on a more global scale with endorsing cap-and-trade legislation to solve a non-problem.  Incidentally, the Great Apology International Road Show didn’t go over very well with me either.

      But for all that negativity, Donald Trump falls below Barack Obama as a man and as a would-be, God forbid President.  Thus far, Trump’s ideas have been birtherism, a 25% tax on Chinese goods and a phone call to OPEC.  Is Trump even aware our greatest source of imported oil comes from Canada?  He is fond of talking about his billions (on paper) and all the jobs he has created, but is silent on all his casino layoffs or the vendors he stiffed through bankruptcy.  He decries the decline in manufacturing jobs in America, but deals in real estate.  He is a hypocrite of the highest order which is why he is distracting people with talk of birth certificates and college transcripts.  He is a man devoid of viable, logical ideas.  Although he may fancy himself the anti-Obama, he is yet another Obama- a media creation with little practical experience to govern the country.

      All this would be amusing except for two very real facts.  For every day we “worry” about a birth certificate or college transcript or even Trump’s tax returns, there are very real problems that need to be addressed.  While political discourse centers around these distractions, we should be debating the fiscal course of this country, national security, tax reform, true health care reform, job creation, declining American power, Middle East instability, nukes in North Korea and Iran, etc.  These are the real issues.

     The second danger is that as Rome burns, the population plays the fiddle with Trump leading the orchestra.  And its a moon bat orchestra.  Instead of being asked questions on issues of vital national concern, the people we elected are now asked whether they are “birthers” or “transcripters” or whatever teh controversy du jour happens to be that day.  This plays into the hands of the Democrats and the liberals who rightfully cast these people as nut cases and outside the mainstream.  That may be all well and good, but it becomes a very real problem when those nut cases are associated with Republicans or conservatives.

     A true Republican/conservative does not care about birth certificates; they care about wreckless spending in Washington.  A true Republican/conservative does not care about a college transcript; they care about national security concerns and making sure America is safe.  A true Republican/conservative does not care how many cigarettes the President smokes; they care about preserving the sanctity of human life.  A true Republican/conservative does not care about how many friends Obama had at Columbia or Harvard; they care about real and meaningful tax reform and the mounting national debt.  In short, a true Republican/conservative does not care much for Donald Trump; they care about the most principled and electable niminee to defeat Obama in 2012.

     The true test of Trump’s Republican credentials will be tested in 2012 should he decide to run.  After he is trounced in the primaries or caucuses, will he throw his support behind the eventual nominee?  Or will he make an independent run and sabotage a possible, very near probable Republican victory?  Although I hope he steps aside, my gut tells me his ego is bigger than his ugly red signs announcing his name on his buildings.  That is why Trump needs to be marginalized now and why this budding candidacy needs to be nipped.  Come on, Karl Rove- do your thing.