Donald Trump-- Please Go Away

      Whenever I hear the possibility of Donald Trump seeking the Republican nomination, or even an independent run, this is the first thought that enters my mind: “Is this the best the party can do?”  The recent WSJ/NBC poll is disconcerting to say the least.  As a person who works for a Trump brand entity, I can safely state that Donald Trump is not the great businessman people think he is and, more appropriately, he thinks he is.  He is a gamer of the system.  Based upon what I know, his plan for an economic recovery may very well be a Chapter 11 reorganization of the federal government in bankruptcy court.  That is the Donald Trump I know.  I also know that after emerging from bankruptcy, he is usually back in bankruptcy court within four years.  Some businessman…

      Unfortunately, the fact that Trump would even place second to the likes of Mitt Romney- no favorite of mine either- is a sad statement on the state of Republican candidates.  Yes, Trump may be a decision-maker when push comes to shove as the article mentioned.  But more importantly, the better question is what is the quality of those decisions?  My understanding and experience is that they generally lack quality.

     Trump is the face of everything that is wrong with corporate America.  While he lives the life of opulence, his workers have gone without raises in four years (in my case)- well before the housing crisis and financial meltdown.  The story of him suing a bank over his Chicago Trump temple project is indicative of Trump’s typical “art of the deal.”  He couldn’t make payments on the loan so he sued them under some obscure contract clause normally reserved for acts of God or the outbreak of war.  That is classic Trump chutzpah!  As an attractor of headlines, he is your man but as President and leader of the free world, it is downright scary.

      Ironically, I have to rely on the conservative voters of the Republican Party to squelch this publicity stunt.  I am no great fan of the evangelical, socially conservative wing of the Party.  They have a role to play, but not at the expense of fiscal conservatism.  I have previously stated, and I stand by those statements, that economic affairs and fiscal policy affects more Americans directly than gay marriage, abortion, and other social issues.  However, I am hoping that in this case the Christian evangelicals turn out in droves in the early primary states if Trump persists in his delusional thoughts, and they send a strong ebuke to this squirrel-haired joke.  I cannot see a twice divorced, admitted philanderer casino owner being endorsed or forgiven by conservatives.  As a poster boy for sleaze, he is fine.  Many, including Trump himself, point out that he is a self-made billionaire and job creator.  Well, Bernie Madoff can make those claims also.

     Should he be thwarted by the Republican Party, there is another problem.  The only thing bigger than his name splattered all over his properties in big red letters is his ego.  He really believes what he says is the truth.  Obama may fancy himself the Messiah, but he better look out because there is another self-proclaimed Messiah in town.  An independent run would achieve very little beyond pulling votes away from a real Republican.  Why on earth should we let Obama off the ropes?  A Trump Presidential run would not only let him off the ropes, but we may as well hand him the keys to the White House.  Today, Democrats are probably salivating at the prospects.

      If Donald Trump really wants to make America better, then he should just fade into the political background.  Everyone has a right to express their political views, but not everyone is qualified to be President.  This is a man who thinks Meatloaf, Gary Busey and the other Jackson sister are actual celebrities for crying out loud.  That should say a lot right there.  Trump’s real role is to screw stock and bondholders and investors, produced bad television shows and put on beauty pageants.  In the menatime, can a real candidate please step forward?