Why Liberals Think They Lost

   Another conservative website recently had a posting about the top 10 liberal excuses for their losses this year.  It was basically a summary with very little beyond a broad analysis and a few lines explaining each.  But, I think they were very adept at their analysis.  To reiterate:

1.  Denial–  this is where the Democrats have deluded themselves into believing that they are actually doing what is right for this country.  This election was not a referendum on Obama and liberal policies, they will tell you.  Besides, they point out, look at the exit polls.  The electorate is not exactly enamored with the Republican Party either.  Maybe not, but the Democratic brand ranks even lower in a more important exit poll- the number of Democrats voted out of office.  This is typical liberal drivel- the “we know what’s best” philosophy of governing. 

2. Voters had a hissy fit– of course, this is true to a certain extent.  But it shows the absolute rejection of liberal policies and thinking.  Many representatives who actually voted against most or all of the Obama-liberal agenda were voted out of office.  This can only be interpreted as voter rejection of liberal policies and, by extension, the Democratic Party.  I mean, when it comes to liberal policies, unless you vote for the Communist Party or Socialist Party candidate, they are next on the list.  Since there are no Communist or Socialist Party members of Congress, take out the next best thing- the Democrat.  And when you think about it, aren’t all elections hissy fits to some degree?  Didn’t voters have a hissy fit in 2006 as a reaction against Bush when they handed control of the House to the Democrats.  And that hissy fit was completed in 2008 when the Savior was elected.

3. The Democrats were too focused on getting things done–  indeed, they were.  Like a 2,700-page health care reform package that was backdoored and railroaded on the American public.  Like a 2500 page financial regulatory reform package laden with benefits to selected constituencies that did little to address the main reason for the great financial meltdown- housing, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Like cap-and-trade garbage that will add about $400 to the yearly energy bill of American families.  Like the bail out of the auto industry that brings you the Chevy Volt and union control of Chrysler.  I would mention the stimulus, but that comes a little later in a category all its own.

4.  Fox News–  Yes, that old stand by when you cannot think of anything else.  I confess to not watching Fox News.  But neither do I watch MSNBC, CNN, or any other major news outlet.  But to assume that a news organization could have an effect on the outcome of the 2010 midterms begs the question.  Assuming that Fox is biased, the viewers simply flock to that which they are most familiar with and in agreement with.  Fox is not leading the electorate; if anything, the electorate is leading Fox.  Regardless, was the mainstream media not biased against George Bush?  Yet, he won and his party won in 2004.  To claim that Fox News waged a two-year war on Obama is ridiculous and underscores the tenuous nature on which these liberal policies are based upon in the first place.

5. The demonization of Nancy Pelosi– except in certain races, liking Pelosi to the local Democrat running for office was not a major factor in political advertisements.  I would suppose to some people in some areas, the linkage played a role.  But remember that many Democrats who voted against the Pelosi-Obama agenda also lost.  It wasn’t Nancy Pelosi any more than it was Harry Reid, or even Barack Obama, the man.  It was the policies and mindset behind these names and faces.  And actually, Pelosi would make a pretty good demon.

6. Outside money– I previously posted an entry about the role of outside money.  In 16 Senate races, the candidate who received more outside support than their opponent won in only 5 of those races for a 31.3% success rate.  In House races, the success rate was 50.8%, or roughly the odds of a coin toss.  What upsets these whiners is that the playing field has been somewhat evened this year.  Whereas the Democrats could rely on union support- the largest spending “outside” group- in the past, that is no more.  The role of spending by outside groups is demonstrably over-stated.

7. George Bush–  this one boggles me.  Are liberals blaming Bush for Republican gains?  At this point, George Bush will most likely be blamed for writing slavery into the Constitution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor and the assassination of John Kennedy.  Wasn’t this the central theme of the Democratic message- that George Bush dug this country into a hole and all fingers point to him?  The Democratic line became old real quick.  Besides, if you cannot defeat a former Bush official in a Senate race (Portman in Ohio)- clearly linkage to the alleged fault for all ills facing Americans- then your message just doesn’t ring true in the ears of the voters.  If the parrot keeps squawking, “Bush…Bush….” you start to ignore the parrot after a while.

8. The Republicans communicated better– perhaps they communicated better because their message was better.  If the Republicans communicated so well and better than Democrats, then they defeat their arguments elsewhere.  So, they cannot have it both ways.  For example, you cannot accuse Republicans of having no ideas beyond saying “no” then say they communicated better.  If Republican policy is “NO,” that word is rather simple.  There are Republican ideas (see Paul Ryan).  The bottom line isn’t that the Republicans communicated better; it’s that the Democrats and their agenda was flawed and the voters told them so.

9. The voters were scared– yes, yes, Dr. Barack Obama, PhD has already told us of our hard-wiring, being scared and acting irrationally because obviously, if we were rational, then we would see how great liberal policies are for us (see #1 above).   He can now hang up the shingle for two years. The liberals occupying academia with no real world experience other than publishing scholarly papers know more than Joe Sixpack on Podunk, Pennsylvania- some poor slob clinging to his Bible and guns.  So, when we are scared, we act irrationally and pull the lever next to the Republican when we vote.  Of course, that isn’t when Fox News is brainwashing us as well as outside groups.

#10. The stimulus was not big enough– this is the Paul Krugman line of thought.  That’s right- in excess of $800 million in deficit spending was not enough.  So if $800 million bought us 9.6% unemployment, would the Krugman-suggested $1.5 trillion in spending bought us 9.2% unemployment.  What the academics in the Executive Branch will not admit is that their policies have spooked American businesses into paralysis.  From effects of tax policy to health care to banking reform, businesses are sitting on about $2 trillion in profit and not investing in the economy because they don’t know the rules.  Or, they fear the rules.  In the fiscal year that just ended, for example, American businesses were further burdened with an additional $29 billion in regulatory costs.  In this economic environment, does reporting of greenhouse gas emissions make sense, or construction development effluent discharge regulations?  Looking at the uncertainty stoked by the liberal agenda, I’d be sitting on profit also until those uncertainties are removed.

    They are missing the obvious.  The Democrats suffered historic losses in the House because of the policy agenda they advanced.  It was a repudiation of those policies, a collective, “Whoa! Nelly” against those policies espoused by the Democratic Party.