The General Overview of GOP Chances & Happy Halloween

  Naturally, as Election Day draws very close, several races are tightening.  The Obama machine is in overdrive as he attempts to recapture the spirit of 2008.  He’s ignorant of the intervening two years and the general anger at politicians out there.  The “hope and change” he espoused is anything but that and the blame has to be laid clearly at the feet of Obama.  As Chris Christie recently said in an NBC interview, the biggest letdown of the Obama presidency is that he failed to deliver on that hope and change theme, that he behaved anything but post-partisan.  As he stated, the President needs to shape the tone of the conversation and “shame” Republicans into bipartisanship.  He didn’t, not that many Republicans needed to be “shamed” into anything.  But hopefully everyone gets the point.

     How things have changed in those two short years.  I am left with the unmistakeable impression that the President just does not get it.  He does not get that the country is essentially one that is right of center when all is said and done.  He does not get that Americans, above all else, value liberty and do not value a nanny state and being force fed solutions to problems emanating from the hallowed corridors of large Washington bureaucracies.  He does not realize that America has to be saved from itself based on academic, non-real world flow charts and models depicting everything from complicated health care reform regimes, climate change models, banking regulatory reform, and Paul Krugman Keynesian solutions to economic turndowns.  Partially, it is bad advice from egg heads with no real experience in business or government and is partially Obama’s liberal/socialist prejudice.  In Obama, we received as a President a man great  in oratorical skill, but basically a blank slate of a human.  That blank slate was written upon by the likes of Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, Valerie Jarrett, and Rahm Emmanuel and packaged as a “uniter” by David Axelrod.  In two short years, Obama has come up against the reality that Americans in general are smarter than he and his minions believed.  They are starting to see through the facade of socialist fascism- because there is no other phrase to describe it- and they will, in time honored American fashion, change that not with guns or street protests as in some back water Third World country (or France), but with the ballot box.

      The “transformation,” which is not really a transformation but a return to our natural roots of adherence to the Constitution, starts on November 2, 2010 and will be completed in 2012 when the Senate will revert to Republican control and the White House will be held by a Republican.  This Election Day should make every American proud of the country they live in.  For they will send a message loud and clear to Washington that enough is enough already.  “Congressman” like Phil Hare actually express the audacity of Democratic liberals everywhere when they express the fact they don’t really worry about the Constitution when it comes to health care reform.  In fact, he merely expresses the truth in the mind of the liberal.

     While dismissing the Republicans as the “party of no,” of accusing them of no new ideas, Obama and the Democrats are the ones devoid of new ideas.  They see the solution to everything as Big Government.  The greatest periods of American economic and international growth were seen under smaller government.  While they characterize movements like the TEA Party as racist, they trot out the racist comments like “Taliban Dan” and the like. 

     Starting at the state level, Republicans will lose some Governorships yet they will win more.  And those victories will be in states that one would not normally associate with the color red.  For example, victories in Illinois, Maine, Michigan, and New Mexico and Wisconsin are within reach.  Several of these are large upper midwest industrial states that have been wracked less by the “same failed policies of the past eight years” and more by the wreckless policies of the past two years.  And the voters in those states are saying, “Enough is enough already!”  Some of the best reforms for many of the ills facing this country nationally evolve from the states.  With a net gain of 8-9 Governorships, in a census year that will affect reapportionment changing the political landscape in 2012 and through this decade, Republicans will be well positioned at the state level to effectuate real and lasting change.

    On the Senate side, in all honesty, I see the GOP picking up eight seats this year.  But the real battle will be in 2012 when most of the seats up for re-election are held by Democrats.  Even should Obama pull off a miracle and win the Presidency in 2012, he will be facing a GOP-controlled House and Senate.  Mathematically, in 2012, using my prognosticating “Krystal Ball,” Republican stratgey will be total offense.  More importantly this year will be the types of Republicans in the Senate.  Of 16 new Republican faces, 13 will be “outsiders” while three will be elevated from the House.  All three new Democratic faces will be outsiders. That is tremendous turnover that could only occur in an environment of distrust of Washington and for that, Obama is guilty.  This is a referendum on Barack Obama and liberal, Democratic policies.

    With the House races, I thoroughly believe the Republican Party will pick up a net total of 51 seats.  Some Democrats will survive by the skin of their teeth and some Democratic House seats will be retained or won through fraud.  Its the nature of the beast.  But because I believe that Obama is no Bill Clinton and lacks political adeptness, that he views himself as the “chosen one” and that he is correct in everything despite what the American people believe and say at the ballot box, he will continue on his liberal ways further alienating the electorate and, excuse me, further pissing Americans off that there will be a solidification of Republican power in 2012 in the House races.

    In the aftermath of this year’s election, we- as Republicans- need to hold our elected official’s feet to the proverbial fire.  It does not include some silly Pledge to America or even a Contract with America or the like.  It is staying involved in the political process after November 2nd.  It is making sure that our Congressmen, our Senators and our Governors listen to the people that elected them and that they adhere to Constitutional principles when they legislate.  Forget about all the nonsense about exit polls, the relevance of the TEA Party, declining union clout, and all the other things the talking head pundits will spin this election into.  The bottom line is that it IS a referendum on Obama and liberalism.  Take solace in the fact that we started the process of taking this government away from do-nothing-in-life bureaucrats and placing it back in the hands of what our Founding Fathers intelligently designed and delivered on over 200 years ago.  Be proud to be a Republican this Election Day and be even more proud to be an American.