Appeal to RedState Members

     Only because I like to read moronic liberal takes on the issues that affect Americans, on occasion I will check in on some of the liberal web sites like Huffington Post, DailyKos, the Daily Beast, etc.  The way I see it, someone needs to look at these sites on occasion to keep them active so that they can continue to provide laughs to the majority of Americans.

     However, I did see an interesting “campaign” they are undertaking and they issued an appeal to their readers and patrons to engage in it.  And although I really cannot see it having much of an effect, it would not hurt for the readers, writers and members of RedState to do the same to offset any negligible effect their campaign would have.  The advantages to the readers of RedState are many.

     First, how it works from their end.  They advised their readers to Google- the most widely used search engine- Republican candidates for Governor, Senate and Congress and look at the first 50 articles (usually listed 10 per page).  They advised the readers to then open ONLY the negative articles about the Republican candidates.  You do not even have to read them.  The reason is that the more the article is opened, whether read or not, the greater the number of hits that article receives and thus, the more popular it appears.  So that when the next person goes to Google search that candidate, with enough hits, the negative articles move up higher on the list.  Realizing that most people will not go beyond perhaps two pages of searches (20 articles), the negative commentary and articles will appear front and center and the appearance is presented that these are “bad people.”

     Well, two can play that game and it doesn’t take much time for readers here to do the same thing with regards to Democratic candidates.  In fact, it would be more advantageous to do so because there is more wrong with the Democratic Party and their liberal policies than there is “wrong” with the Republican candidates for office this year.  This will most likely not affect the outcomes of any elections, but you never know.  Besides, Republican candidates and policies can stand on their own over those of the Democratic Party.  That is something the liberals still cannot grasp their heads around and probably never will. 

     So every little bit helps.  Look up Chris Coons’ articles about calling himself a “bearded Marxist” and open it.  We all know the specifics here at RedState, but there are some residents of Delaware who may not.  Open up a negative article about Alan Grayson and some of his preposterous statements.  Maybe some residents of his district are unaware of his voting record as being outside the mainstream.  It cannot hurt.  So RedState readers….start Googling!