Putting Christine O'Donnell in Perspective

  Republicans in Delaware have spoken, for better or for worse, as the many political pundits have noted.  She won the battle against Delaware Republican stalwart Mike Castle, a mainstay in Delaware politics since the 1960s.  And already the liberal media is trotting out past comments made by O’Donnell in an effort to portray her as some crazy nut outside the mainstream.  But if anything else, perhaps more than the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts which was based primarily on the health care reform program, this battle in Delaware is a true battle of ideologies- the classic liberal policies of Obama endorsed in whole by Democrat Chris Coons versus traditional family values and conservatism of Christine O’Donnell. 

     First, Mike Castle must be addressed.  Prior to his primary loss, he consistently led Coons by an average of 17 points in the polls.  This state was counted by all respectable political pundits as a definite Republican pick-up in the Senate.  Before events in California, Wisconsin, and Washington made Republican control of the Senate look like a real possibility, a Mike Castle victory would have been a number that put them just that much closer to the promised land.  That is, his party affiliation could have been the one vote that put them in control even if Republicans by and large consider Castle a RINO, as his voting behavior indicates.  In a very real way, if Republicans won the Senate and Castle came along for the ride, then perhaps his vote could have been “bought” in exchange for a good committee assignment.  The O’Donnell victory makes Republican control still within sight, but that definite win in the Republican column is now gone.  The two recent polls after the primary put Coons up by 17 points and both Rothenberg and Cook have moved Delaware into the “safely Democrat” category.  However, the great debacle predicted for Republicans is not necessarily true given the surges of Carly Fiorina, Dino Rossi, and Ron Johnson.  Throw in Linda McMahon’s resurgency in Connecticut (she trails Blumenthal by only 8 points and Blumenthal had to call in Obama) and the loss of Delaware is not that great, if they in fact lose Delaware.  So moving the state from safe Republican to safe Democrat because of Christine O’Donnell’s candidacy is not the Armageddon many liberal pundits and the MSM is predicting.  In summary, the Senate is still very much in play without Mike Castle.

     Like many others, I have read the past quotes of O’Donnell.  Huffington Post is running a vote to decide her most ridiculous quote from her past.  Some other sites have video slide shows of similar and other quotes, many taken out of context.  I read the same quotes and, quite frankly, taken out of context they make no sense.  However, a true reading of the quotes show nothing more than her strong conservative Catholic beliefs.  Should she apologize for these quotes?  No more than she should apologize for her Catholicism.  Furthermore, some quotes are from the “Phil Donahue Show” (remember him?) from 2002.  As my wife has said, there should be a statute of limitations on using past quotes.

     If Democrats aided by the liberal media wish to use these quotes against her, they do so at their peril.  In case they have not received the memo yet this year, this election is not about social issues.  It is not about whether masturbation is adultery, whether co-ed dorm rooms should be allowed, Creationism in public schools, whether condoms stop the spread of AIDS, the eradication of AIDS in Africa, or a philosophical exercise on whether condoms are “anti-human.”  This election is about jobs, the economy, the over-reaching Federal government, and rolling back if not stopping the socialist Obama agenda dead in its tracks. 

      Nor is the election about how long it took O’Donnell to pay off her college debt (10 years which is pretty good considering the average student debt bill out there), past tax liens on her (since settled in her favor), or whether her home was in foreclosure or not.  Technically speaking, until I renegotiated my mortgage, I received foreclosure messages and was technically “in foreclosure.”  But never at any point was I in danger of losing my home as Democrats are making the situation appear in Delaware with respect to O’Donnell.  These are nothing but a sideshow in the real debate that the Democratic Party appears willing to avoid in Delaware.

      Perhaps nowhere is the choice more clear.  According to the website of Chris Coons, his philosophy and politics is nothing more than open fawning of the policies of Barack Obama.  He cites his support for Obamacare.  He lauds Obama’s financial reform.  He openly supports cap-and-trade policies and openly supports inefficient and costly renewable energy initiatives to the detriment of lower cost energy solutions.  Chris Coons is Barack Obama in white skin.  His website boasts the endorsements of every labor union- SEIU, AFSCME, the CWA, the UAW and Teamsters.  He has the support of the ultra-liberal People for the American Way and has a 100% rating from NARAL.

     This battle in Delaware is an ideological battle royale between Constitutional principles and smaller government against the march towards socialism under Obama.  If this was a supposed “purple” state like Ohio, Indiana, or Missouri, then the message would have been clear where the will of the people lies.  But, alas, it is deeply blue Delaware.  Should O’Donnell win, it will be a huge exclamation mark against Obama and his policies.  Yet if she loses, Democrats cannot claim a mandate for their policies in the name of Chris Coons.  Either way, O’Donnell comes out the winner.  And quite frankly, given the economy and political environment this year, Chris Coons should keep the champagne in the bottle.  Because despite his apparent lead now against basically a neophyte with some verbal baggage in her past, he needs to look west to Nevada.  If Sharron Angle- the Christine O’Donnell of the west- can be in a tie with Harry Reid, infinitely more powerful and important than Ted Kaufmann or Chris Coons, the Christine O’Donnell’s chances- if she sticks to the message of limited government and fiscal responsibility- are better than most of these pundits may believe.  Perhaps, come November 3rd, the Democrats will be sitting scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong in Delaware.