What Money Says About Politics

     I am not a particular fan of the OpenSecrets.org website, especially the parts where they editorialize about the corrupting influence of money in elections.  And they are one of the biggest proponents of the DISCLOSE Act- a blatant attack on free speech and free association rights in this country.  However, the information they list is a good source of seeing who is funding who in this and previous election cycles. 

     What the numbers show is the hypocrisy of those who are proponents of the DISCLOSE Act- that is, the Democrats and crying liberals.  If anything, assuming money plays an influencing role in elections, spending thus far would predict Democratic victories.  Of course, we know, despite the liberal/Democratic Party myopia regarding polling data, this not to be the case.  In the general contributions area, Democrats are out-performing Republicans 62-38% which is against the 20-year historical 55-45% advantage for Democrats.  What is interesting here is that pro-choice group spending thus far outstrips pro-life spending almost 9-1 this cycle.  Of the 14 non-ideological categories studied, Republicans lead in only three (banking & real estate, insurance, and oil & gas) and are tied in one (hedge funds).  These are three areas where Republicans traditionally outperform Democrats anyway and hedge fund contributions are traditionally directed towards Democrats.

     Of the 858 PAC’s studied thus far, Democrats are out-raising Republicans 61-39%.  Republicans are out performing Democrats in only 2 of the 13 categories here- construction (by a mere $800,000) and the energy sector (by an even less $400,000).  In all other categories, Democrats lead Republicans.  And among 527(c) groups, Democratic/liberal groups are out-raising Republican/conservative groups by $20 million.  Overall, Democrats are outspending Republicans 58.5% to 41.2%.

     What I find the most interesting facts are who are disproportionately supporting Democrats.  Among general contributions, the biggies are educators, lawyers, lobbyists, and the entertainment industries.  Among PACs, they are, again, lawyers and labor.  In fact, these two categories are outspending the top two Republican categories 3:1.

     These facts are interesting for two reasons.  First, they illustrate the hypocrisy of the liberal mindset.  While they rail against the alleged corrupting influence of campaign contributions and advertisements in American elections, they have no qualms against actually contributing to and spending in those very elections.  Does anyone really believe that, for example, campaign finance reform efforts will reduce the levels of contributions from the legal profession?  That is like expecting the lobbying industry to lobby to outlaw lobbyists.  As for the alleged influence of the money from oil and gas/energy sector that traditionally flows to Republicans- a claim often pointed out as proof positive that money influences legislation to the detriment of the liberal environmental agenda- among general contributors, they rank 7th of 14th and among PACs, they rank 6th of 13th.  The point is that the Democratic Party is hypocritical when it comes to railing about money in politics because they are the clear beneficiaries.

     The second obvious fact is that despite Democrats being the beneficiaries of corporate, special interest, and individual contributions, it has not made a dent in their polling numbers.  They still find themselves in dire straits come November, despite out raising and out spending Republicans.  People are ignoring the lawyer class that basically runs Washington and their ridiculous, guilt-ridden brethren in the entertainment industry, not to mention the declining membership (yet increased contributions) from labor unions.  If any segment needs to wake up, it is the labor unions. Declining union membership plus increased political spending equals only one conclusion: they are asking for and contributing more from less.  And for what?  Other than the sweetheart deals labor unions received in that debacle called “health care reform” and their exemptions under the DISCLOSE Act, their membership declines (unless you are a public worker).  I find it interesting that unions say they are fighting for “decent middle class wages” and benefits.  Yet among 527’s, labor unions are eight of the top 10 contributors and among PACs, labor unions are five of the top 10.

     The obvious conclusions are that Democrats and liberals in general are huge hypocrites when it comes to their railing against money in politics.  Does anyone really believe that they will cut their own gravy train off?  And secondly, the American people are not falling for old tried and true liberal garbage that all this spending puts out on the airwaves.  There is a revolution of thought in America of getting back to the basics of constitutional government that liberals do not quite grasp (thus they attack people like Rand Paul, the Tea Party, and view incumbents being defeated as a rift in the Republican Party).  Maybe, just maybe, they will get the message finally through their skulls come November 2nd.  For people who are so smug in their alleged intelligence, they sure act stupid.