A Trick From the Terrorist Playbook

     There is a lot of commentary in the news recently about the proposed mosque and Islamic cultural center to be near the former World Trade Center.  Charles Krauthammer lays out a great case about sensibilities in allowing this.  He illustrates, using specific examples, how nuns were asked to move their convent near Auschwitz or how the obervation tower was removed at the Gettysburg battlefield.  Initially when I thought about this proposal, my sensibilities were offended.  How dare those who brought down and celebrated the destruction of the WTC and with it 3,000 innocent lives be allowed to have a mosque near the new WTC?  And make no mistake: it was not Bjorn and Sven from Sweden piloting those highjacked planes almost nine years ago.  It was Islamic terrorists- pure and simple- people dedicated to some twisted notion of a jihad, a holy war against this country for some perceived wrongs.  And if you ask most Muslims today, you will actually find a minority who find no American complicity in the events of 9/11.  I like the condemnations of the terrorist attacks followed by the excuses for them.  Wrong is wrong- there are no qualifiers.  And that goes out to every imam and Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or what have you.

     But then, a thought occurred to me one day over a cigarette.  Actually, a lot of my better, somewhat twisted thoughts come that way.  Basically, why don’t we take a page out the terrorist handbook?  Since they like to hide among the population, why not have the new WTC hide behind Islam itself?  Instead of building a mosque and Islamic Cultural Center two blocks from ground zero, why not rent out- hell, give it for free- two floors of the new building.  Make them like floors 100 and 101.  One can be the mosque where daily prayers are held and ceremonies held.  Floor 101 can be a cultural center and office for the religious leaders. 

      This way, terrorists might think twice about placing truck bombs in its basement or flying highjacked airliners full of fuel into the towers.  There is one problem however.  Islam places a great emphasis on religious martyrdom.  Hence, the deterrent effects of having a mosque and cultural center actually in the rebuilt WTC may be not as great as we think it would be.  Regardless, should they opt for the martyr route and go through with a planned terrorist strike on the building, they would be not only taking out only innocent people, but very likely many guilty people as well…or their sympathizers.

    In fact, perhaps we should consider embedding Islamic figures and institutions in all our major public buildings as a deterrent against terrorist strikes.  After all, if the mayor of our most populous city and our President can agree to offending the sensibilities and memories of those innocent people who lost their lives on 9/11 by supporting this mosque, lets go all the way and hide behind the Islamo-fascists themselves.  Let’s use them as innocent human shields for ourselves just as they use innocent people as human shields throughout the world… when they are not killing those innocent humans.  Just a quick thought…

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