Obstinancy, Ignorance, or Stupidity

  The two year Presidency of Barack Obama has been replete with some bizarre twists and turns that have many heads spinning.  Everything can be basically reduced down to the fact that he has created a psychological fantasy world around himself and his policies.  Clearly, this Administration is not living in the real world that everyone else sees.

  Obama’s take on federal spending and the deficit is this:  First, raise spending 24% in two years, then say we need to get the deficit under control.  Throw in some 2-3% cuts here and there and proclaim you are tackling the problem.  Better yet, create a commission with no back-bone to defer your responsibility as President.  And throw some blame at the opposition party and your predecessor.  Hence, you increase the federal deficit dramatically, then any cuts appear as if you are doing something.  The reality?  Government spending is up 24% since Bush’s last budget.  That included and 8% increase in the last half of 2009 and a 12% increase in fiscal year 2010.  And most importantly, that does not include spending under his alleged stimulus package.

  Speaking of that stimulus package, it was supposed to create jobs and keep the unemployment rate around no more than 7%.  Well, first it would appear that there were not that many “shovel-ready” projects to start with in 2009 since he is running around the country in 2010 with the big signs behind him.  And unemployment remains at a nagging 9.5%.  Of course, there are others in the fantasy world who argue that even more spending is needed.  For what?  Temporary Census takers?  When it comes to job creation under this junk, he has failed miserably.  So what is the next best thing?  Change the parameters.  Did I say create jobs or save jobs?  Because you know if I saved a job, that’s a job created.  NO- that is Obama’s fantasy explanation. But then again, their own website cannot even get it right without looking silly through what appears outright lies when they are not creating phantom congressional districts.

  Then there is the fantasy world of health care reform where over $1 trillion in federal outlays are required to decrease costs and increase coverage?  Seems counter-intuitive to those living in reality.  Obama’s attack on the banks, while asking for their donations to Democrats, was nothing more than populist rhetoric at its worst.  Banking reform created something like 243 new regulations that do very little to avert the crisis that struck that industry in 2007-08.  Why is it that in over 2,300 pages of this bill, one will not see the words Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mentioned?  Does reform there require another 2500 pages of regulations?  Remember that it was the bursting of the housing bubble that led us down this path and this law does very little to avert the creation of new bubbles while strapping tax payers with the task of picking up the tab at the end.  And these regulations do not just affect banks.  They affect store cashiers, credit bureaus, home buyers, state and local governments and manufacturers.  This was not banking reform.  This was liberal social engineering.  And can someone please explain to me what affirmative action requirements on Wall Street firms has to do with averting future crises?  Why was this necessary while avoiding the problem of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

  Then there is the tactic of if you can’t get your way using one tactic, try another.  For example, cannot get your silly cap-and-trade law passed, let the EPA do it.  Wow- and they talk in derogatory terms about an imperial presidency?  Nowhere is Obama’s fallacious world more evident than in energy and foreign policy.  With energy, while banks were paying back on TARP bail-outs- with interest- Obama recycled that money into his vaunted green jobs agenda.  Yet, he ignorantly proceeds given the negative example of Spain who engaged on a similar path towards job LOSSES.  And that green energy did not appreciably create a contribution towards total energy production.

  In foreign policy, he has alienated friends like Israel all in the name of perception.  Perception- Obamastyle- is not reality!  There are despotic and ruthless leaders out there and Obama’s smooth tongue and rhetoric will not win them over.  Iran does not care about outreach from the President.  They, like North Korea and every other despot out there have their agendas.  Obama’s complicity in allowing them to reach their goals defies the reality of the situation.  As a result, the reality is that Obama has made America unreliable to friends, compliant with rivals and weak to enemies.

  Luckily, there is the Constitution that requires elections every so often.  We can start the task of undoing the damage caused in two short years under Obama this year.  In two years, we can undo it all by voting him out of office.  In order to break out of his fantasy cycle, perhaps he can learn a thing or two from people like Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie.  It would start by confronting reality, speaking to the electorate like adults instead of the smooth “we know better than you” rhetoric, then actually doing something instead of perpetuating and rationalizing his fantasy world.