Better A Tea Party Than A Shay's Rebellion

   Ever since the concept of “tea party” came about, there have been editorials, analyses, polls, slurs and insults bandied about.  While the liberal pundits initially chuckled at their veiled sexual innuendos, a very real phenomena was happening.  The tea party, unlike other allged conserbtaive movements- the evangelicals come to mind- have tapped into something broader than the social agenda of conservatives.  It has always been my view that the Republican Party should concentrate on the fiscal matters and leave the social issues alone.  Why?  Because taxation, government spending, over-regulation, bank and auto industry bail outs, the federal debt and deficit, etc. have an effect on everyone on a personal level.  These things touch all our lives.  It dictates how much money you bring home every week (if you have a job), whether you get a car loan, a mortgage, or you can use your credit card.  If affects your personal liberty down to whether or not you want to purchase health insurance.

   Conversely, the social issues like abortion and gay marriage have a broad effect only insofar as morality.  Very few Americans will be personally touched by abortion or gay marriage.  Sure, we all have thoughts and opinions on the subject, but in a tangible sense, how many will have to deal with abortion and/or gay marriage on a personal level?  That is not to diminish or denigrate their importance to many people on both sides, but unlike fiscal matters, they personally touch very few people.