Don't Label Me Racist or Anything Else

As a Republican, right of center white male, I feel compelled to write this entry.  This nonsense theory that because one opposes Obamacare they must be racist, sexist or a homophobe is ridiculous.  I am talking about an article by Frank Rich in the New York Times a few weeks ago.  The theory goes that if you are against this monstrosity of a piece of “legislation,” you must be racist because Obama is black, biased against Hispanics because Sotomayor is on the Supreme Court, sexist because Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House or a homophobe because Barney Frank is a powerful committee chairman who happens to be a homosexual.

During the recent protests during passage of Obamacare through backdoor methods, there were reported instances of racial slurs, obscenities and even spit being hurled although many of the reports are uncorroborated.  There was the story of a coffen left on the lawn of Missouri Congressman Russ Carnahan except the coffin was part of a protest left not on his lawn, but on the street.  However, the bullet shot through the window of the re-election headquarters of Republican Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor was very real.  But alas, this is not such a great deal because Cantor is a de facto racist being an opponent of Obamacare.

Democrats like to point to alleged polls showing increased public acceptance of Obamacare.  I would like to know what polls they are consulting.  The ones I have seen have shown pretty consistent opposition to it.  The non-partisan Kaiser Foundation that studies health care issues shows that since March, a fairly steady 67% of Americans oppose Obamacare.  In some Congressional districts, especially those of vulnerable incumbent Democrats, opposition is as high as 80%.  So maybe these Democrats should run on the merits of Obamacare.

I cannot speak for particpants of these tea party rallies, but I opposed this debacle because it could have been done considerably cheaper with less governmental intrusion.  If this was such a great accomplishment, then it would have received greater bipartisan support and Democrats would not have resorted to arcane budget reconciliation rules to ram it through Congress.  The philosophy of “pass it now even though we know it sucks and we may fix it later” is no way to govern.  But that is exactly what the Democrats did to give Obama his signature legislative victory.  And the irony is that he still cannot sell this thing and seal the deal.  Instead of a legacy, it will be a huge albatross hanging around the collective necks of the Democratic Party.

Liberal pundits and the their Democratic Party proxies need to do us all a favor and stop the insinuations that because people oppose the policies of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi troika, they must be racist, sexist, homophobic crackpots.  They need to stop those great “realizations” that there are code words for racism when someone opposes Herr Obama.

These racist overtones are becoming more ominous.  But this tendency has been a technique used often by Obamatrons since his early days when North Shore Chicago liberals first got him elected to the Senate where he acomplished essentially nothing since he’s been running for President since 2004.  Whenever someone has opposed Obama, his proxies- not Obama himself- trot out charges of racism.  What they fail to acknowledge and cannot fathom is the fact that the majority of Americans are essentially right of center.  That is not attributable to race.  It is simply the way things are.  Look at some recent polls regarding flashpoint issues:   50% of Americans oppose gun control (March 2010, Pew Research); 56% of Americans oppose abortion on demand (January 2010, Marist); 53% oppose gay marriage (Feb. 2010, ABC/Washington Post); 55% oppose increased government spending (Feb. 2010, ABC/Washington Post); 63% do not believe increased government spending creates jobs (March 2010, Harris poll), and; 60% believe terrorists should remain in Cuba (March 2010, CBS poll).

To view these facts through the prism of race does a serious injustice to a majority of Americans.  The mere insinuation of such is equally an injustice and chilling.  Perhaps one day they will realize that is a merely a misguided man- not deity- that occupies the White House and grow a thicker skin where criticism and disagreement is not met with overt of veiled accusations of racism.  The vast majority of those protesting against Obama’s policies, whether they are part of these Tea Party people or not, do so not out of some racial animus.  Like any group, there will be all sorts of people and some will actually be motivated out of racial reasoning.  Unfortunately, the liberals are not immune to this reality either.  Clearly, there are racists in the liberal camp.  I will give you the fact that a minority of liberals are racist if you give me the fact that the majority of those against Obama’s policies are not racist.