Climate Change Control Under Any Economic Circumstances= NO SENSE!

The energy bill currently being crafted in the House, the so-called ACES bill or Waxman-Markey bill, is a joke.  Using typical Obama speak, they inappropriately are attempting to frame it as a free market approach to energy independence and climate change control.  Every editorial I have read about this joke piece of legislation against the bill states that it is bad given the current economic climate.  Every editorial against the bill states that it would create an unseen energy tax on consumers when they least need one.  I beg to differ with these views.  I view this legislation as a joke even in the best of economic times.  The reason is that the primary purpose- climate change- is a lie despite the state of economy.  Despite what Al Bore and company say, there is NOT a scientific consensus regarding global warming.  More importantly, if the planet is “warming,” there is even less consensus on the effects.  Do we risk further damaging an economy and way of life based on spurious claims from liberal environmental whack jobs like Al Bore and Henry Waxman?

The hypocrisy of these people is staggering.  Environmental groups trot out old pictures of polar bears floating on ice floes over the caption that they are losing their homes due to global warming.  But they don’t tell you that floating on ice floes is the primary way polar bears get from point A to point B and they have been doing that for years.  They don’t tell you that the Canadian polar bear population is actually increasing and that the Canadian government increased the number of hunting permits of polar bears to the native Inuit populations.  Those pictures of big pieces of ice falling into the ocean?  Happens every year and has for years.  Why don’t they mention that the ice at the center of Antarctica is actually increasing in thickness?  Yes, the snow at the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro is decreasing as are the glaciers in the Pacific northwest.  But why don’t they mention that possibly deforestation decreases precipitation which decreases the amount of ice?

The fallacy of man-made global warming is an exercise in collective human brain washing.  Maybe the average temperature of the earth is increasing, but discerning whether this is man-made or simply a natural cycle of the earth- and there is greater evidence that earth goes through natural climate cycles absent man- is only as good as the information put into the computer models they use.  Even then, they cannot get an accurate answer.  The result is a surrender to this propaganda put forth by the environmental Nazis who want nothing more than to destroy our economic way of life.

Previous attempts at this silly alleged free market idea of “cap and trade,” like the Lieberman bill, was estimated to cost over $5 trillion and conservatively cost 600,000 American jobs.  Waxman’s bill is even worse.  Hence, even if these were boom times, could or even should this country risk those numbers?  This bill would conservatively increase energy costs for the average family $2,000 according to figures I’ve seen.  Obama’s solution is that proceeds from this Ponzi scheme would be rebated to consumers to the tune of about $800.  Hey Obama- I am still $1,200 in a hole using your math!!

Energy independence is a laudable goal.  However, is subsidizing solar and wind energy and other so-called renewable energies really “free market?”  Of course, solar power should be utilized where most cost effective, unless you are endangering the Mojave Desert tortoise or whatever is causing the controversy in California.  And of course you should build wind farms where feasible, but that means that Ted Kennedy may have to look at wind mills on the horizon from his Nantucket summer home.  More importantly, it means that we need to exploit domestic reserves of oil and natural gas and even coal.  Energy companies have invested billions of dollars of research in extracting shale oil in the west.  Some estimates state that there is enough shale oil under Wyoming and Colorado to make the known reserves in Saudi Arabia look like small potatoes.  And if you really want energy independence without the so-called harmful greenhouse gases, what would be a better solution than nuclear energy?  The United States sits on the 8th largest reserves of uranium and other countries with large uranium reserves are not despotic middle eastern kingdoms or ranting socialist dictatorships, but allies with names like Canada and Australia.  If France can power their country through over 75% use of nuclear power, then the United States can also.

But like the case of global warming, the environmentalists and the liberals, who would rather have us driving those dumb looking Smart cars and screwing squiggly light bulbs in our lamps, resort to fear mongering regarding nuclear power.  They fail to mention that nuclear power releases zero greenhouse gases, that it is, in reality, safe and efficient.  Instead, they trot out pictures of Three Mile Island- actually a testament to the safety of nuclear plants- and Chernobyl (human error), just as we are treated to pictures of Hurricane Katrina’s whipping winds and a flooded New Orleans, poor floating polar bears and pieces of ice dropping in the ocean.  Yet, Waxman’s bill does not mention nuclear power.  How about updating the regulations instead of relying on 1970-era regulations based on 1970s technology to get more nuclear plants built, thus lowering the cost of construction?  How about telling  Harry Reid that they are going through with Yucca Mountain (since 1970, over 18 million land miles of transportation of nuclear material without a single incident)?

Regarding this cap-and-trade Ponzi scheme, why doesn’t Obama and company explain how it was an utter failure with the European Union?  Not only did it not raise the expected revenue, but Europe actually released more greenhouse gases after instituting cap-and-trade AND damaged the British coal and steel industries.  While China is building a coal plant every week on average with India not far behind, the United States is regressing.  Cap and trade, when it has been instituted, has been an utter failure elsewhere in the world, yet Obama says this is the best solution and his automatons in Congress forge on.

It is incumbent upon everyone to demand the full facts and costs involved.  When they realize that they will be paying real money for the scare tactic propaganda of Al Gore and his minions for little or no real results based upon scare-mongering and spurious, fallacious science, the choice will be obvious.  This law is yet another nail in the heart of the American free market and economic robustness as Obama and his cabal of supporters lead us into the new socialist world order.  This law makes no sense now or ever despite the economic circumstances of the day.