Connecting Some Interesting Dots

I recently read the news and I find it interesting that almost together on the web page were three stories that caught my interest.  The first involved pop singer Miley Cyrus- a/k/a Hannah Montana- who currently has the #1 movie in theaters and constant airplay on CMT.  The “comedian” Jamie Foxx recently made some comments that she should grow up already and make a sex tape, that he would pay to see that.  Meanwhile, his audience (on the radio) were hooting comments like she should get a lesbian lover like Lindsay Lohan or take heroin like Brittany Spears, or smoke some crack.  Be advised that Miley Cyrus is all of like 16 years old.  Her father recently defended his daughter by taking on Foxx, questioning his comedic content and rightfully stating that Foxx would be offended had he made similar comments about his daughter.  For his part, Foxx went on Leno and said he “meant no harm” by the comments.

Leaving aside the fact that Foxx is about significant as, say Michael Richards, I really don’t see any coverage of these comments in the mainstream media.  Conversely, look at the uproar over, say Michael Richards, for comments he made in similar circumstances- an alleged comedy act.  Not to debate the moral relativism of using the “N” word or suggesting a 16-year-old “make a sex tape,” suffice to say, both are pretty offensive comments.  The outrage at Richards’ comments were used as evidence of the inherent racism in America among whites.  Are whites now to suggest that blacks like watching kiddie porn involving pop stars?  Could one imagine the uproar and outrage?

The same day, in coverage of the tea parties, both CNN and MSNBC correspondents (Anderson Cooper and david Shuster) used enough references to a sexual act well known as “teabagging” in most university frat houses.  Cooper stated that it was “hard to talk when you are teabagging.”  Shuster managed to, in three sentences, get the words “nuts,” “full-throating,” “toothless,” “tongue lashing,” “lick,” and “whipped out” into his description of the tea parties.  Putting them altogether, let your imagination fill in the blanks as to what the slang “teabagging” means to moronic fraternity members.  What is even worse is the fact that these alleged “respected” journalists would stoop to such levels of immaturity when talking about a very serious concern of most Americans- taxation, and more specifically, what the government does with our tax money.  Perhaps Shuster and Coooper accept the President’s view that the richer segments need to pay their “fair share” and they definitely whole-heartedly agree with Obama’s spending priorities.  But, when one looks at the actual ratings of cable news stations, is it any wonder that stations like Fox News have incredibly higher ratings than CNN or MSNBC.  Keith Olberman should be proud that a comdy show like John Stewart’s out performs his dribble and that Colbert is hot on his heels.  That is really something to be proud of.  In fact, South Park makes better political arguments than MSNBC (and has better ratings!).  Yet, like Jamie Foxx, in a sad attempt at comedy that appealed to a very small segment of society- the Animal House concerned citizen- both Cooper and Shuster pushed the bounds of decency.  Are they any better than Jamie Foxx and Michael Richards?

Then I find out that our Secretary of Homeland Security now considers returning Iraqi vets as ripe for recruitment into domestic terrorism.  Why?  Because Timothy McVeigh was a veteran.  In fact, according to Napolitano, they may be prone to single-issue protests, like abortion or immigrants.  These reports are, in the words of DHS, used as guidelines to law enforcement agencies regarding potential threats.  Excuse me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t this fall under the category of “profiling?”  Again, we hear the uproar from civil liberties groups regarding the alleged use of profiling to catch potential terorists.  Her own department, along with the Department of Justice, is currently investigating Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arapaio for PROFILING, among other sins.  Yet, returning Iraqi vets are a cause for concern because they may join right wing groups and carry out violent acts.

So in today’s world, Michael Richards could have his career ended (he wasn’t that funny to start with) because he used a certain word in his alleged comedy act.  Yet, Jamie Foxx can get away with a “I meant no harm” apology after making sexist, degrading remarks that border on pedophilia.  Journalists can make references to legitimate citizen protests by using sexual innuendo of the worst kind and enjoy their little “inside joke” with chuckles and winks at the camera.  Yet, if someone questions the qualifications and lack of experience of Presidential candidate, you are really questioning his race.  An important department of the executive branch can categorize a group of military veterans as being prone to terrorist recruitment.  Yet, it is racist to target Muslims and Mexicans for terrorism or illegal immigration despite the fact that neither Bjorn nor Sven from Sweden are pouring across our southern border or flying airplanes into skyscrapers.  If you mention these facts, you are a racist and don’t represent the ideals of America.  Well, the ideals of America don’t tolerate insignificant “comedians” encouraging 16-year-olds to make sex tapes, have lesbian sex, take heroin or smoke crack.  They don’t include making immature sexual innuendo comments against people protesting tax policies.  They don’t include insulting veterans with broad statements and providing “guidance to law enforcement” that target this group as prone to terrorist recruitment.