The Dawn of the Idiocracy

Back in January, someone- no fan of Obama- commissioned a poll by Zogby Polling of unabashed Obama supporters.  By supporters, he meant people who voted for Obama.  It should be stated from the start that the researcher set out with an agenda.  But, the results are no less revealing in my opinion.  Critics immediately claimed bias because the poll was not replicated with McCain voters/supporters.  But McCain did not win the Presidency, so who cares?  That was not the point of this poll.

In the poll, 512 Obamamaniacs were presented with 12 issues, statements, policy positions, or characterizations for all four candidates involved- Palin, Biden, McCain and Obama.  The thrust of the poll was to determine if the respondents could correctly attribute these things to the correct candidate.  The results were downright scary- at least as concerns the adoring fans of Obama.  Only 2% of the 512 respondents got all 12 characterizations corect.

For example, 32% correctly identified Biden as the candidate who was once accused of plagiarizing speeches (meaning 68% did not know this fact about Biden).  Another 90% knew Palin had a $150,000 wardrobe paid for by the party and 83% knew John McCain could not answer how many homes he owned.  Also, 97% knew that it was Palin who had an unwed pregnant teenage daughter.  But now comes the scary part.  When asked which candidate allegedly started his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist, 43% correctly answered Obama. But 47% thought it was John McCain!!!  Almost 88% answered that it was Palin who stated she could see Russia rom her house.  Obama stated that his energy policy could “bankrupt the coal industry,” yet the majority claimed that was Palin’s statement and only 11.6% correctly stated it was Obama.  About the only “negative” statement correctly attributed to Obama (at 88% correct) was his comment about “wealth redistribution.”   This statement resonated, negatively, with voters because the phrase smacks of socialism.  Unfortunately, on very few occasions, the Republicans used this to their advantage.  Even then, it was Palin who jumped on this statement and eventually, it was the McCain who put a lid on the rhetoric. The results almost make literacy testing look like a good idea again!

One of the important findings is that despite the statements to the contrary, negative campaigning was a very real part of this President’s candidacy.  Unfortunately, McCain never fired back.  When he did- or more correctly, when Palin did- he silenced her.  But, the power of negative campaigning, so subtly and deftly carried out by the Obama campaign cannot be overlooked.   If you get 47% of poll respondents to state that John McCain started his political career in the living room of a former leader of the Weather Underground, you have more than done your job.  When your candidate states that he campiagned “in all 57 states,” yet the electorate believes your opponent’s running mate made the statement, you have done your job.

More importantly, it makes the Obamatrons look like dunces.  Which I find interesting because isn’t it that very attitude which liberals attribute to conservatives as we “cling to our guns and religion?”  Isn’t it the Obamatrons who are supposed to be the enlightened voters, willing to put aside ideological and/or racial differences and vote for the “right” candidate?  Even today, liberal web sites decry the fact that the one negative about Obama’s election is that he did not fare well in the south.  In fact, in some states, he fared worse than John Kerry in 2004.  The reason?  Well, it has to be racism in their view.  There is no room in their elitist view that allows for the fact that maybe, just maybe, conservatives, especially those highly concentrated in the south saw through this charade and political smoke of the Obama media machine. This poll turns the tables and although not vindicating those “substandard conservative voters” (in their view), it certainly places the Obamamaniacs on no higher an intellectual standing, and perhaps even lower.  Lest anyone think that these were uneducated inner city Democrats (not all respondents were even registered Democrats), 95% had a high school diploma and 55% had a college degree, which doesn’t say much for our educational system. In reality, it would appear, to the chagrine of liberals, that political stupidity knows no racial, educational, or geographical bioundaries.  If nothing else, it proves that there are about 512 intellectually-challenged, misinformed dupes out there wearing a political dunce cap.  One can wonder how many more dunces casted votes on November 4, 2008.