Hitting a Nerve on the Left

The fine folks over at the dailykos website have taken aim at Red State, particularly a recent posting by Erick Erick Erickson.  Without reading the actual Erickson posting and relying on the tidbit redacted on dailykos, I assume Erickson was decrying the fact that no Republican leader was emerging to run with the ball while the Democrats seem to implode of Capitol Hill.  In their excerpt, they quote Erickson’s fear that “socialism is creeping upon us.”  After entering into a diatribe against Erickson by calling him basically a mouthpiece for George Bush who thought his handling of Katrina was acceptable, they then quote some reader responses from Red State people.  Ostensibly, this is to prove that Red State readers have no minds of their own and march to the orders of Rush Limbaugh or some other GOP bogeyman in their minds.  Apparently, all conservatives are like lemmings jumping off cliffs.

Yet, a reading of some of their postings are quite interesting in their own right and shed light on the workings of the liberal mind.  On the very same page they attempt to skew Erickson, one could find accolades being directed at Barney Frank for saying that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ia a “homophobe.”  This conclusion of Frank’s, seconded by dailykos, is apparently based on Scalia’s decisions from the bench, not the fact whether he would sit down to dinner with a homosexual.  The ending of that posting is interesting in that it mentions Supreme Court vacancies and wishes “Scalia gone” so that the “baby conservatives are the minority.”  By gone, given construction of the paragraph and mention of Ginsberg’s “aggressive cancer” in the previous sentence, one is led to the assumption that “gone” means “dead.”  Now, while Erickson chides the GOP for a lack of leadership, dailykos writers are insinuating a Supreme Court Justice should be dead.  And it gets even better.

It has now been over four months, but this website still has its apparent boner for Sarah Palin, or as they lovingly refer to her, “Moose Spice.”  For a mindset that supports women’s rights, this would seem like quite a disparaging, dare I say it, sexist remark.  Not to mention that it is a slur against all Alaskans as if moose constitutes the bulk of their diet or something.  Then there is the obligatory rant against Dick Cheney- their Darth Vader of politics.  During the “article,” they quite succinctly state that Cheney should be tried as a “war criminal” for his endorsement of enhanced interrogation techniques (torture), rendition, and all the other alleged sins of mankind going back to Eve plucking an apple from a tree.  Pat Buchanan is compared to a German, circa 1936.  And nothing would be complete without outright high-fives over Obama’s smackdown of CNN’s Ed Hendry for questioning the delayed Obama response to the AIG bonus “scandal.”  It seemed a logical question given the fact that the Treasury Department was aware of the bonus payments two weeks before the news hit the airwaves.  But how dare anyone question the perfection of Obama and his disciples?

Like Red State, a lot of these postings are in the form of diaries.  The difference is that most of the dailykos entries are simply diarrhea of the mouth, not diaries.  In fact, when reading some responses, the use of foul-mouthed phrases are often evident as if that gets the lame point across any more strongly.  If you have a good argument, state it and back it up with facts.  But insinuating death, calling people names, slurring the residents of states that tend not to vote along with your choice for President, equating people with Nazis and demanding war crime trials against former Vice Presidents are devoid of logical argument because there is no basis in fact.

What has apparently upset the fine “diarists” on dailykos is the fact that increasingly, polls indicate that although St. Obama’s personal approval ratings remain high, ratings for his policies do not rate as highly.  What upsets them is that the Democratic Party slipped a closet socialist past a duped electorate on November 4, 2008 and that people are slowly starting to see through the facade.  What upsets them is that members within the Democratic Party are starting to question the speed with which Obama is pusing his blatantly socialist agenda with increased taxes, socialized health care, giving in to labor unions and the NEA, cap-and-trade energy policy in deference to the Pied Piper of Global Doom, Al Bore, etc., etc. 

In conclusion, I encourage the people on Red State to keep up the pressure on Obama and all those with socialist designs on this country.  Only through education and facts can their facade be taken away.  Contrary to popular belief, those on Red State are not lemmings following the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter and others.  And that is it in a nutshell- psychological projection of their own political reality shortcomings.  For it is they who believe that everyone should blindly adhere to the policies of Barack Obama and agree with his policies, his priorities, and most importantly, his spending of your’s and my money and that of our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.