Some Legislation Coming Your Way

In the coming weeks, the Senate is taking up some interesting legislation.  Considering the fact that the top liberal apparatus in the Senate controls the majority of the committee leadership, we are in for some interesting battles.  Tom Harkin’s Agriculture Committee recently applauded the decision of the ethanol industry to petition the EPA for permission to increase gasoline-ethanol blends from 10 % to 15%.  No doubt, this will be a windfall for the corn growers of America as we divert one our greatest resources- food crops- to making ethanol for gasoline.  Perhaps, Mr. Harkin and company should look into ending agricultural welfare, otherwise known as crop subsidies and price supports.  Meanwhile, Daniel Inouye’s Appropriations Committee will look into earmark reform.  However, given the statements by Steny Hoyer in the House, fat chance.  Besides, does anyone really believe these guys will reform this abuse?  Even if they do, they will be slipped through elsewhere without being called “earmarks.”

Christopher Dodd’s Banking Committee is bla-blahing about regulation of the financial industry again while John Rockefeller’s Commerce Committee is debating climate change.  I was under the apparently mistaken impression that this was a foregone conclusion, that Al Bore had been elevated to Protector of the Earth status and that what he and his hypocritical cronies say is gospel.  This is happening despite the fact that more and more people today are beginning to question the legitimacy of man-made global warming, including many in the scientific community.   This despite the fact that in recent polls of Americans, global warming ranks quite low on their list of concerns.  No doubt, this committee will come back and recommend some kind of cap-and-trade system to control greenhouse gases.  However, they need officials from the European Union to testify how that system is an unmitigated disaster all the way around- a collapsing market, increased energy costs and no discenrnible decreases (in fact, increases) in the emission of the gases it seeks to control.  While they are at it, they need to question officials of the Indian and Chinese governments- two of the biggest polluters in the world- as to how they aim to limit these emissions.  And I am quite sure that the voices of our energy producers will be silenced when they warn about higher energy prices for ALL Americans if this senseless legislation is ever passed.

Ted Kennedy’s Health & Education Committee will take up EFCA, the card check law.  Already, there is a huge storm brewing on this one.  The Obama administration is behind this one as a payback to the unions.  Considering the fact that unions donate over 90% of the time to Democrats, increasing the ranks of unions is very important to keep those donations rolling in.  This is being advanced on the premise that employers are intimidated by employers during union drives and that the only solution is to eliminate the secret ballot.  And despite the fact that statistics prove that a mere 3.25% of all complaints of this nature are legitimate, Congress is forging ahead with this nod to organized labor.  Over at the Judiciary Committee, Pat Leahy’s boys are looking into a possible constitutional amendment regarding the process for Senate vacancies.  Obviously embarrassed by one of thier own- Senator Burris of Illinois- they feel the need to dictate to states how to replace their elected representatives even though the current system has worked pretty darn well for over 200 years now.  And in a related matter, Chuck Schumer’s Rules and Administration Committee recently said they may look into allegations and studies showing that perhaps up to 7 million Americans were denied the right to vote in the 2008 elections.  First, I would need to see Schumer’s definition of “American” since liberals often tend to include those here illiegally as being denied their rights.  And if 7 million Americans were denied voting rights, then Schumer also needs to look into how and why the Dallas Cowboys starting line up became registered in Nevada and other ACORN abuses.  Maybe the results of the 2008 election came about because while 7 million were allegedly denied voting rights, another 7 million were illegally registered by ACORN. 

Finally, Diance Feinstein’s Select Intelligence Committee (equating Feinsten with “intelligence” of any type just does not sound right) are taking up hearings looking into prisoner detentions and interrogations.  We have already learned that the CIA destroyed some 90 videotapes of interrogations and should be thankful that they had the commonsense to actually destroy something.  This is especially true given the CIA’s propensity NOT to keep a secret.  Of course, when they DO manage to keep a secret, there is always Pat Leahy and his staff there to let us all- including our enemies- know.  And here’s another Senatorial oxymoron for you:  Barbara Boxer is head of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics?

Anyway, the budget battles will also begin in earnest soon and that should make for great sound bites from these people elected to office.