Dirty Water

As we spiral towards 2010, something has become vividly clear to many of us on the Right. The days of compromise are over. The decades of “Moderate”, Elitist Country Club Republicans like Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Olympia Snowe working with the Progressives in a spirit of “bi partisanship” have gotten us to where we are. My neighbor likens it to taking a glass of clean water and mixing it with half a glass of dirty water. You get dirty water. I prefer to say, compromise with evil gets you nothing but evil in smaller amounts, but evil none the less.

We must no longer compromise with the Progressives and their agenda. Simply, we must defeat them, and extinguish Progressivism and it’s manifestations at every single opportunity. I suggest we look to the Boers, and how they reclaimed South Africa from the British. Every single small government position at a time, no matter how lowly or insignificant, until the Brits didn’t know what hit them. We should (and are) starting with the GOP precinct executive positions here in Cincinnati, but it should expand to every political opportunity offered.

It’s no longer possible to debate with the Left. They no longer have ears. They must be beaten. And any Republican who doesn’t understand this, must be reckoned with, until we save our constitutional republic.

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