Working To Make A Difference

Part of the job as an elected official is right in the title – to listen to and represent the needs of the people that elected you.

President Obama came into office with the good wishes of the American people, and a complete misunderstanding of why he had been elected: It wasn’t to implement a more expansive government and skyrocket our national debt.

That much was clear when, after the President rammed through a trillion dollar stimulus, followed quickly by a massive health care law, the American people rose in concert to voice their opposition.

Yet again and again this President has proven that he still isn’t listening to the people.

I want to assure you that am listening and doing all I can to make certain your voice is heard in Washington.  I’m working everyday to develop solutions to our problems.  (See the list here!)

I’ve developed these proposals through meetings with small business owners and constituents all across our District, and I’m honored to have the job of taking these ideas to Congress. I know what it will take to get Michigan and America back to work and I’m pushing hard to get my proposals on the table.

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