My plan to get Americans back to work.

As we kick off Labor Day weekend, a holiday meant to celebrate our country’s workers, today’s news is especially disappointing: The unemployment rate has once again crept upward.

Here are the unfortunate facts for the Obama, Pelosi and Reid-led free-spenders in Congress:

  • For the 16th month in a row, our unemployment is above 9 percent.
  • At 9.6 percent in August, the unemployment rate is nearly one-third higher than         President Obama’s economic team predicted it would be with their $1 trillion stimulus bill.
  • Almost 15 million Americans remain out of work.  That doesn’t include the millions who have taken part-time jobs or simply stopped looking because they have been unemployed for so long.
  • Instead of helping small business – the real engine of our economy – President Obama has been raising taxes and skyrocketing our national debt.

We need to focus on policies that will help small businesses and get Americans paychecks, not more unemployment checks.  We need to stop following bad policy like stimulus that we know doesn’t work and hasn’t worked.

We should honor our workers this Labor Day by:

  • Freezing all regulations that will have a negative impact on small businesses.
  • Stopping the trillion-dollar tax increase on families and employers – scheduled to begin in only four months.
  • Repealing the job-killing provisions in the health care law like the “1099 mandate.”
  • Cutting federal spending.

On this Labor Day holiday, let’s put an end to the wasteful spending in Washington and implement policies that will get our economy back on track and help employers create new jobs.

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