Is The Recession Over?

Instead of working to find a way to create new jobs for millions of struggling Americans, President Obama is traveling around the country raising money for Democrats and trying to sell the “Summer of Recovery.” Oh really, Mr. President?

The economic gains that the Obama Administration touted in April, May and June were not as large as they originally told us. In fact, if you exclude government spending, the economy saw almost no growth at all during that period. First-time unemployment claims continue to rise, mortgage foreclosures are still increasing, consumer confidence is down and businesses continue to be confused by the mixed signals of the Obama Administration.

Every time the government provides a bailout or goes on a spending spree they send exactly the wrong message to every American. The Obama Administration refuses to get serious about the fundamental problems facing our country. They need to let the free markets work. Congress needs to stop spending money we don’t have.

There are meaningful solutions being offered by public servants on both sides of the political spectrum. Let’s stop the spin and start listening to the ideas of Americans. We can get back on track, but it will take all of us working together, not the political spin currently being offered by the Obama Administration.

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