Repeal and Replace the Health Care Bill

Speaker Pelosi said we’d have to “pass the health care bill to find out what’s in it,” and four months ago, Democrats agreed – in the middle of the night, in back rooms – to pass it.

Today, they are finally taking a look at just what’s in the health care bill, and turns out, they don’t like what they’re seeing either.

They’re finding out what the American people already knew: this was a bad bill that would raise the costs of their health care, cut benefits to seniors, and hurt America’s small businesses.

With the support of many rank-and-file Democrats, I offered a substitute last week that would repeal the 1099 tax provision that gives more work to small businesses while taking away their ability to create new jobs. That’s right – Democrats agree that the health care law is a job-killer, and they want to repeal it, too!

But just how bad it would hurt job growth in this country didn’t seem to matter to Speaker Pelosi. She and the Democratic leadership yanked their own bill and my substitute off the floor almost immediately to prevent my repeal from moving forward. Turns out, they’re more interested in protecting Obamacare than American jobs.

It’s too bad it took the rest of the Democrats 4 months and one bad health care law to figure it out. I continue to work to repeal and replace the health care bill.

Cross Posted at Dave Camp for Congress.