It's Time To Hold You Accountable, Mr. President

Last week President Obama said he expects “to be held accountable on jobs.” I think it is time to do exactly that, Mr. President. So let’s stop the finger pointing and the blame game. I suggest you start accepting responsibility for your failed economic policies, your failed stimulus program and your failed jobs creation efforts.

Even more important than rhetoric and speeches is real, innovative solutions that will create jobs and not lead us down the path deeper into debt as has the Obama Administration.

That is why during debate on H.R. 5618, the legislation to extend unemployment benefits, I offered a way to pay for it through a motion to recommit. We all agree that we need to help the long-term unemployed by extending their unemployment benefits, but it must be done in a fiscally responsible way. HR 5618 would add $34 billion to our already-skyrocketing national debt. Why not use some of the $414 billion in unspent stimulus funds to pay for it?

It is clear now that the stimulus has failed. In fact, since the passage of the stimulus the private sector has lost some two million jobs. During the stimulus, 48 out of 50 states have seen increases in unemployment. Our national unemployment rate is at 9.5%, far above the 8% guaranteed by the Obama Administration if the stimulus was passed.

Here in Michigan we have lost nearly 100,000 jobs since the Obama “stimulus” bill was enacted. It’s time to hold the President accountable for his failed economic policies, and start paying for our future ones.

Cross posted at Dave Camp.com