Michael Steele is a JOKE

I just don’t get it, check that, the RNC doesn’t get it. Why can’t the national party figure out that they are continuing to take us down the wrong path. We are a conservative party and demand a conservative leader. If Steele cannot support Rush, who has taken us to victory on his wings more than any RNC Chairman could ever hpoe to do, than we don’t need him. Now is the time to fight the Communist Democrat party head on with an unrelentless assault annd we cannot let up. If we don’t fight hard now, the country will be lost forever. Steele and his moderate pals like Jim Greer, his advisor from Florida, are turning us into where the Democrat party was 20 years ago. Now they are flat out communists. If he doesn’t get his act together soon, it will be time to recall him and elect a new chairman. I am SICK and TIRED of “republican leaders” who do not proudly push our conservative platform. Life, Traditional Marriage, Lower taxes, Strong national defense, gun rights, and a pro-corporation government is all we expect. We need to stop trying to fit everyone under our tent and work on explaining our platform and converting people to our beliefs. I will not stop or let up untill everyone agrees with me. I will not abandon my principles on one issue, I will never give in on any af our core issues, and our leadership must not either.