Random thoughts on Colin Powell

In hearing what Colin Powell had to say about the state of the republican party, I have a few rebuttals to make. He said he despised Sara Palin because all she talked about was small towns and noone lives in small towns that’s why they are small. He also said he’s from the Bronx and what is wrong with his values being from there. Mr. Powell, I live in a small town. My county has 16,000 residents and only one red light. There is a lot to be said about small town people. We are very hard working, mostly agricultural, and very faithful and family oriented people. Small town America is America. We don’t have abortion clinics out here. We don’t have prostitues on the corners out here. We don’t have murders and rapes out here, all of which occur regularly in the Bronx or San Fran”psycho” or Chicago or any other big town. Out here all we have are red blooded freedom loving flag waving Americans. Our churches are packed on Sunday mornings. Our citizens take pride in taking care of themselves, we don’t depend on the government out here. What we are tired of is Washington and big city elitists thumbing there nose at us and looking down upon us. We don’t want your big city values corrupting our way of life. We are tired of you guys looking down on us because we value family time over sin and fournication. We love Sara Palin because she gets it. We are America. She is one of us and she shares our values and our faith and love of this country. Look at that map Mr. Powell. There is an awful lot more area covered by small towns than large ones. We will not appologize for our way of life. Mr. Powell, you don’t get it. And in what he had to say about the republican party needing to go more toward the middle, we just had the most moderate candidate we ever had run for president and Colin Powell did not even endorse him. Colin Powell is right when he said we need to redefine the party, just not in the way he talked about. Centrism is our problem and for too long we have governed from the center in hopes of getting along. The past two election cycles have proven that being in the middle will only lead to defeat. Maybe it is Colin Powell and his country club blue blood Rockefeller republicans who are the problem. Maybe it is time for them to go.