It's time to wake up and take charge

It is time for conservatives to stand up and take back this party. For too long we have put many of our principles aside in the hopes of getting along with the democrats. Our leaders do not get it, democrats do not get along. You give the democrats an inch and they want a mile. They do not play nice and they do not back down. We truly have become a party of wimps since Newt left the House and we never had any real control of the Senate. What we need is leadership in congress who will be willing to fight tooth and nail with the lefties. We haven’t had that. What we’ve had is people running the party who thought that by getting along with the opposition, they could essentially keep the bickering down and ultimately assure their own re-election. We need to stop acting like democrats. If the choice people have are a democrat who acts like a democrat or a phony republican who acts like a democrat, they will vote democrat; hello 2006. It may be a worn out statement but it is so true, we lost elections because we lost our way. This is our chance and this is the time. I think with Cantor as the #2 will help. We have an ultra left president and House with a wide liberal edge in the Senate. Now more than ever we must show our true conservative values and principles. Our congressional leaders must not budge an inch when it comes to reckless spending. We must keep our guys from loading bills up with pork, we must be steadfast in our support for the wars, we must be ready to fight any tax increses this administation wants to impose, we have to be determined to protect our right to keep and carry firearms, and we must be ready to fight socialised health care with everything we got.

It won’t be easy for our guys. Because of how bad we did running the show we now find ourselves way outnumbered. Some of the responsibility lies on our shoulders as well. We have to hold our represenatives accountable and not be afraid to oppose them when they are wrong. And we the people must be willing to continue stay informed and keep everyone we know informed so we don’t fall to deep into socialism. If our leaders are willing to fight and not back down, we will have a good chance to pick seats back up in 2010. 2012 is to far away. Focus on the mid-terms because this will be a circus and the American people will be looking for us to save them.