State Governors & RFRA: Who will fight for truth?

There have been alot of posts on RFRA issues, with varying tones.

So I’ll keep this short & to the point.

This issue is no longer about gay-rights vs religion.

It’s not about discrimination vs individual freedom.

This is about TRUTH vs LIES.

Yes, the Left is up in arms over these laws. Yes, they will throw a temper-tantrum in your state bigger than the one they threw in Madison, when Gov Walker shut down public-employee unionisim.


They have no evidence of discrimination. There exists no legal theory or logic that shows how Indiana or Arkansas’ laws in any way weaken civil rights protections.

The entire outrage is founded on ‘This is, because we say so’.

If someone, somewhere does not fight this, it will end up becoming yet another ‘lie told enough times it becomes truth’, kind of like the ones about stem-cell research or the Bush Administration’s actions in Iraq.

It is straight up BULLYING, in defense of a LIE.

1) There are no cases where RFRA has enabled discrimination.

2) The states passing RFRA don’t have laws protecting gays, for the RFRA to override

3) None of the Left’s ‘scary’ anti-gay scenarios have happened or could happen under any pRFRA. No one will be refused medical treatment, or be unable to find housing/employment.

4) The ‘fundimentally different’ provisions of the RFRA are lifted from the Hobby Lobby case & experience defending against nuscience lawsuits from groups like the ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’… Nothing to do with gay issues.

5) When you hear liberals trying to make a case that RFRA is bad because it undermines campaign finance laws (oppose it because it says ‘Corporations are People’) you know they’ve completely gone off the deep end.

And the way you deal with a bully, is you FIGHT BACK.

If you SURRENDER, they will just keep picking on you, ‘BECAUSE THEY CAN’.

Regardless of your position on gay rights, this should make perfect sense.