WHAT?!?! Scott up 2 in FL Govenor's race?

Reuters/IPSOS just released their latest Florida poll, and it is touted as more good news for Marco Rubio. However buried WAY WAY down in the article is this interesting little nugget…

The race to replace Crist as governor is close, with Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink statistically tied, Scott with 47 percent and Sink with 45 percent, the poll found.

Now to be fair, this poll contradicts the latest polls from Fox and PPP, which show Sink with an 8 and 7 point lead respectively. However, the PPP poll is now 2 weeks stale. The Fox poll uses the Rasmussen methodology, but isn’t actually Rasmussen. It was conducted over the same period as the Ipsos poll with a larger sample size.

Take this with a grain of salt, but it is a nice little pick-me-up before the weekend.