Mario Rubio did our local radio station today

If your county is like ours, the key to success in a conservative campaign is the local talk radio station that carries Rush.  In our case, it is WMMB-AM that has a local guy named Bill Mick in the morning.  The rest of the day is then Glenn, Rush, Sean, Mark Levin, and Dennis Miller at night.  Bill does a really good job covering a mix of national issues and also local politics.  When we are talking about the local school board budget, then Bill’s show is the happening place to discuss it.

This means that if you want to reach conservatives and libertarians in Brevard County, Florida, Bill’s show is the one to do.

Today, Marco Rubio is in Brevard County for a fund raiser, then meeting with the GOP executive council this evening.  In Atlanta I told Marco’s communications director that Bill Mick was the guy to work with to get his message out.  Well it all worked out great.  Bill thought he was having a telephone interview with Marco today, and was surprised when Marco walked into the studio.  Bill interviewed him for the full hour between 8 and 9AM, and even squeezed in a few phone calls.

As we saw in Atlanta, Marco just hit it out of the park.  He was a great speaker, but was able to offer concrete answers to the questions, not just platitudes.  Two answers in particular stuck for me.  One was the reason that the Cuban community is so passionate about politics is that they aren’t just immigrants, they are exiles.  That distinction is a significant driver in their understanding of how important the political process is.  The second was talking about his legacy as speaker of the Florida House was not just what was passed, but also what was stopped.  He mentioned their successful efforts at blocking Charlie Crist’s attempt to impose the California environmental policies on Florida.

During the poll, Bill Mick had a web poll running for his listeners on who they would vote for in the primary, if it was held today.  Marco got 79%, Crist 2%.

I ponied up a pretty good donation for Marco today (biggest donations I’ve ever made).  I’m encouraging everyone else to find some spare change to support him also.  He makes a strong case that if he can raise enough to get his message out, then he will win the primary.  He will win, because he is the only one running that doesn’t have to convince people to have amnesia regarding his record.

You can donate here.