Sarcasm is just lost on the left

I am laughing so hard right now that tears are rolling down my face. From a link on Ace, I found the following “proof” that Obama is not eligible to be president.

So this knockoff on the Dan Rather memo is funny enough. But what is truly hilarious are the leftists that don’t get the joke, and think this is a real Birther claim.

Anyone could have typed this. In fact, I did it. Can you prove me wrong?

The House of Representatives certified the election in January. The same body just reaffirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii.

This is beyond sour grapes and wading deep into frothiness on the lips.

John Mc Cain was for sure not born in the USA but in the Panama Canal Zone. No conservatives gripped about having a Panamanian born prez. Bottom Line: The average conservative is a white racist who seethes with rage about our “mullato” POTUS. Deal with it hillbillies. A latino president is next, then a woman, then a gay, then God will destroy AmeriKKKa with hell fire and your inbred kids will fall into the abyss. About damn time too.

I don’t believe this to be real or proves anything nor does it matter. If you do your research you’ll find that even if he was born in Africa that he still meets the criteria as stated in the Constitution as a “natural born citizen” because he is BORN a US citizen because of his mother as opposed to a naturalized citizen. John McCain was born in Panama but hardly anyone questioned his eligibility.

No letterhead, no date, no name, no signature, no addressee.

Worth about as much as the American Buck.

This is interesting, but with no background about who sent it, where it is from, and what these people are talking about, it is meaningless.

Is this supposed to be a memo from a hospital in Hawaii? Who are these doctors mentioned (Staudt, Hodges and Harris)? Where did this come from, and how did it manage to get faxed to you?

If you want to be believed, you need to explain things in a believable manner.

A doctor would remember what babies were born during his or her shift in 1962??

Funny how nobody found this before a random republican blog…. also funny how there are no signatures.

This whole conversation is really stupid. Obama won the election. It’s over – now deal with it.

HA,HA,HA,HA,HA!!!!! You nutjobs are sure running out of ideas! HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA!!!!

I could keep going, but the level of cluelessness is really beyond measure. I think the comment thread was pretty well summed up by the following.

Rob, you have managed to create the world’s most powerful stupid magnet! We got us some weapons grade stupidity right here.