A modest proposal

For the last few weeks, as I ride the express train to socialism we are all on, I’ve been thinking, what does it take to bring the electorate back to reality and get them to put adults back in charge of their government?  I have an idea on a way to attack the situation politically.

First an assumption.  I believe that the majority of voters, meaning the middle/moderates/independents, really don’t have a dog in the fight.  They vote out of habit, without really thinking through the consequences of their actions.  This means while they don’t consider values, morals, responsibility and liberty when casting their votes (like we wish they would), they also don’t think about social justice, global warming and torture at Gitmo either.  They cast their vote either through habit (our family has always voted Democrat) or no more thought than they do when voting for someone on American Idol.

This puts us at a disadvantage, since the Democrat party has managed to maintain a loyal following over the years, since FDR, while they have expanded their numbers among the victim class that does vote for expanded government intervention.  Obama’s real danger is that he will be like FDR in his ability to remain popular in the face of societal upheaval with the willing participation of the media (just like FDR enjoyed).  A whole new generation of voters will continue voting Democrat out of habit.

How can we fight this?

The genesis of my thought is the silliness in Spokane Washington of dishwasher detergent with phosphates that Erick posted about earlier.  I had read about this idiocy a few days ago.  To my mind, this situation is just begging for someone to run unapologetically against the environmental lobby.  I don’t mean the typical “Well I’m in favor of the environment just like you are, but I think this is a mistake” mealy mouthed crap we usually get from GOP candidates.  I mean full throated, unapologetic opposition by calling them insane lunatics that are trying to destroy our way of life.

The commercial practically writes itself:

“Hi, I’m Dave_in_Fla and I’m running for city council.  Let me show you something.

– Cut to a dishwasher full of dirty dishes

This is a stack of dishes that my 17 year old and her friends left for me to clean up, while they went to the movies.  This is a box of Spokane City Council approved phosphate free detergent that we legally must use.

– Holds up box of Trader Joes

Now I love Trader Joes chocolate covered raisins, but this stuff is awful.

– Show time elapse of dishwasher running, open dishwasher, pull out dirty dishes

– Cut to picture of me with hands in sink full of dishes, washing the dishes that just came out of the dishwasher

So do you want a city council that does the bidding of the environmental lobby?  Or would you rather have clean dishes?  Vote for me, and let’s bring sanity back to government”

To me, the best way to fight against the voter lethargy is to go completely against the grain.  Instead of negative advertising, mock the opponents in ads.  Instead of “messaging”, be irreverent and funny.  When Obama runs his 4 ads an hour in 2012, combat it with the following:

– Picture of a green field with horses running, soft music playing in the background

– Text at the bottom on the screen reads, “This break from the Obama commercials brought to you by Jindal/Palin 2012”

I believe that traditional methods aren’t going to be effective.  We can’t out “message” them.  We need to challenge their assertions directly in way that captures the attention of the disengaged voters.